Rapid Weight Loss Ideas and Tips

Is extreme weight loss good or bad? This is a question which many overweight people who are planning to cut down their weights ask. Well to honestly tell you if the rate of weight loss is rapid then it is a cause of concern. The thing about fast weight loss is that it generally takes or acquires extraordinary efforts in the food diet and workouts, which in general us not healthy and as a result it does not allow you to lead a normal and pleasing lifestyle. The normal analysis suggests that losing weight of about 1-2pounds per week is a normal condition. Though this may occur to people as a slow rated weight loss, it is actually the correct way as this will assist you in maintaining the weight of the body low for long spans of time. This is a fact for the readers, about 1 pound of fat (0.45kg) possess about 3500 calories. Hence losing I Pound per week one needs to reduce about 500 more calories than what you eat per day, and on doing so the average calories burned in a week comes to about 500×7 i.e.3500 calories.

Rapid Weight Loss Ideas

Also another thing about losing weight quickly and ahead of schedule is that you may not lose as much fat as you think you would as compared to the normal passed weight loss. In fact you will burn even lesser calories and fats as for one simple fact, fats take time to burn. So all your efforts were for nothing!

Different situation:

However there are certain situations which rapid weight loss can be done in the right way. Like for e.g., if the doctor has prescribed an extreme weight loss diets and extreme weight loss pills for rapid weight loss in the patient is suffering due to excess weight. But for normal people this is highly prohibited.

Apart from that there are certain extreme weight loss diets, which assist to kick start, your weight loss. Like take for example the Mayo Clinic has extreme weight loss methods which initiate quick weight loss of about 6-10 pounds in the first couple of weeks.  These quick start phase extreme weight loss methods are adequate of as they involve no extreme weight loss pills or no gimmicks of extreme dieting.

Here are some of the consequences of excess weighting.

The answer to whether extreme weight loss good or bad!  And the answer, it is bad, in fact very bad. Why just know from below:

Skin rashes and irritations:

Excess weight loss intentionally effects the body and in some cases can also lead to death. It effects both the physical or mental state of human beings and leads to its degradation. It also can lead to excess weakness, physical fatigue, sustained hunger pangs, issues of sinus, namely post nasal dripping, bloodshot eye appearances, gall bladder disorders, seizures, malnutrition which can also lead to death, atrophy of the body muscles, rashes on the skin, depression and reduction in the sexual desires, constipations, dehydrations.

Apart from that some mental consequences which can occur are continuous irritation, again lowering of sexual drives, being prone to eating diseases such as anorexia and also bulimia etc.

This I hope with this article the readers have got the idea regarding-“Is extreme weight loss good or bad?”

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