5 Things to Stop to Lose Your Weight Instantly

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Excess weight and obese are the most prevalent problems in elder people and that leads to several other problems like diabetes, joint pains, heart diseases etc. Many countries are worried that their citizens are becoming obese day-by-day and being less productive, thereby the country’s economy is decreasing. According to World Health Organization (WHO) report, more than 1.4 billion adults are overweight and more than half a billion are obese!

Gaining weight is simple and losing weight is tedious and tough. It requires hard work, dedication, motivation, regular work outs and healthy diet to lose the extra pounds. In addition to them, you can also lose weight by stopping 5 simple things in your life. I am going to discuss about them below

1. Stop using Lift and Escalator
Every day we go to different places and we use either a lift or escalator to reach top floors. This is simple and easy! You can always find staircase beside lift/escalator. People avoid using staircase as they get tired and exhausted to ascend and descend these steps. Unfortunately, they don’t realize that steps will help in keeping them fit and healthy. Though you get exhausted at that instance, you will feel happy and satisfaction at later point of time. This will help in decreasing your tummy and obesity.

Use Staircase instead of Escalator

Use Staircase instead of Escalator

2. Stop drinking water during lunch or dinner
One of the commonly made mistakes by all the people around the world is drinking water during lunch or dinner. They mix water with food. This is a very bad activity. You should never do this. Stomach releases acids to burn and digest food. When you drink water, these acids are diluted and they become week acid. Thereby, it takes long time to digest the food and some part of the food is not digested and stored as fat as the acids are not strong enough to burn the food.

3. Stop eating at irregular intervals
Another simple but silly thing is eating at irregular intervals. I have seen many people including me and my friends eating at odd times. One has to follow strict timings to consume the food so that clocks body gets adjusted to that timing and thereby he/she won’t eat too much of food. Also, you appetite will fall in order.

4. Stop boozing if you are not doing work-out
Drinking alcohols is good for health if you take them in less quantity. It enhances your health if you consume them as advised by doctor. Instead, if you are boozing heavily and regularly then you will become stout in no time. If you exercise while taking alcohol, you can build a good physic but if you merely drink then you will become obese in a few weeks.

Lose Your Weight Instantly

Lose Your Weight Instantly

5. Stop mixing coke and fast food
Burgers, Pizzas, pasta fall under fast food and they have high amount of saturated fatty acids that are responsible for obesity and heart diseases. When you mix coke (cold drink) with these fast foods, digestive acids become week and they become obsolete. Thus, making it tough for digestion and breaking down of fatty acids into energy. Instead, they get stored as fat acids in your body making you obese.

Thus by stopping above stated 5 activities, you can be free from gaining weight and maintain your body and health. If you got any more tips to share, please feel free to post them in below comments section.

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