How to prevent Teeth Decay and Cavities?

teeth whitening

teeth whitening

Just like you are worried about skin and facial beauty, you should also give proper attention to your teeth to protect them from decay and cavities. Cavities in teeth are the result of tooth decay. There are some harmful bacteria in our mouth which consume starch and sugars from the food we eat and produce acids. Whenever we eat or drink something, some stuff gets stuck to our teeth and gums. These harmful bacteria consume it as their food and form a bacterial plaque on teeth and gums. Acid is produced from the debris. These acids demineralise and destroy the enamel of our teeth and they begin to decay. Continuous attacks of these acids bring cavities in those decaying teeth.

So, to prevent teeth decay and cavities, we must give utmost care to our teeth. Here are some simple methods of preventing teeth decay and cavities.

Brush the teeth regularly with fluoride content tooth paste
Brush the teeth both times of the day preferably with fluoride tooth paste. Fluoride replaces the minerals lost in tooth decay and protects the enamel coat of teeth thereby preventing cavities. Most dentists recommend brushing after meals. If you do not like to brush after meals, at least rinse your mouth with water to clean the teeth and gums from stuck material.

Tooth Flossing

Tooth Flossing

Maintain oral hygiene by flossing and mouth washing
Most of the decay can be prevented by flossing the teeth in between the gaps and rear ends and rinsing mouth often using good mouth washes. This decreases the plaque formation and thereby decreases the quantity of harmful bacteria in your mouth.

Eat and drink healthy

  • Eat fibre rich fruits and vegetables as they produce more saliva, reduce plaque formation and fight with tooth decaying bacteria.
  • The number of times you eat or drink counts much. If you are eating or drinking very frequently, you are more prone to tooth decay and cavities. Each time you eat or drink something, you are giving one more opportunity to the bacteria for plaque formation and acid production. So limit your number of times consumption instead of quantity.
  • Dentists recommend sugar free items and chewing gum for combating acid producing bacteria.
  • Milk, cheese and dairy products are also good as they contain calcium which is important for making teeth healthy and strong.

Switch to tap water instead of bottled water

The bottled water usually does not contain fluoride and so not beneficial for teeth. Community water supplies nowadays supply fluoridated water which is good in preventing tooth decay and cavities as fluoride protects teeth from attacks of bacteria.

Other preventive measures

  • Regular visits to dentist for check up and medication.
  • Applying fluoride gel or fluoride tooth paste on teeth without rinsing for some period.
  • Consuming fluoride tablets with dentist advice.
  • Getting the teeth covered with dental sealants for protection from decay.
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