What Are The Causes Of Teeth Yellowing?

Top 5 causes of teeth yellowing:

There are several causes on why do teeth turn yellow. Take a look on the following:

Black Coffee and Tea

Top 5 causes of teeth yellowingBoth black coffee and tea comprise of tannins that can lead to discoloration on teeth. Tannins are bio-molecules that are found in numerous herbs, plants and trees. Those appear to be darkish in color and can get stuck to different compounds and surfaces. Drinking coffee or tea leave the remains of tannins on teeth for an hour before dissolving resulting in discolored tooth. Switching from drinking coffee and tea can save your teeth from being discolored.

Poor Oral Hygiene

One of the main causes of teeth yellowing is poor oral hygiene. This can occur owing to insufficient brushing as well as flossing. Generally doctors suggest brushing and flossing, at least, twice a day – early morning & before going to bed at night. This can help in removal of stain producing stuffs and plaque from your teeth. Sadly many people brush and floss only once which is the biggest cause on why do teeth get yellow. Even it is advised to visit a dentist twice in 12 months so that you can maintain your hygiene in a better way.

Chewing or Smoking Tobacco

Another good reason on why does teeth turn yellow is chewing or smoking tobacco. This can lead to a number of dental hygienic conditions i.e. teeth discoloration. The most serious condition is smoking regularly can result further in gum diseases and tooth loss even. Tobacco affects teeth disturbing proper functioning of gum tissues. This can also cause mouth infections, ulcers or other dental conditions weakening your teeth as well as gums. Thus, eliminating the use of tobacco can save your teeth from getting infected.

Intaking Medications

Among several causes of teeth yellowing, next is intaking medications. Antibiotics can lead to teeth stains specifically when given to kids when they are 8 years old and their teeth are yet to develop. Pregnant ladies who are prescribed antibiotics might deliver a child with yellowish teeth which gradually turn brown or grey with passage of time. Another reason on why are some peoples teeth yellow is because they use mouth washes containing some kinds of drugs.

Soft Drinks

Soft drinks are also listed among the causes of teeth yellowing. Soft drinks like Sprite, Coca-Cola and Pepsi comprise of phosphoric acid, acidic sugar and citric acid in large quantities. All these attack tooth enamel and weaken it. Even the high sugar found in these soft drinks is responsible for teeth discoloration. Many individuals think that sugar-free soft drinks is comparatively healthier but those contain citric acid becoming the causes of teeth yellowing.

Chocolates and Candies

Chocolates and Candies are enriched with sugar contents, colorings and flavorings. These can leave both your teeth and tongue discolored. Hard sweets usually take bit longer time to be eaten is also responsible for yellowing your teeth. To put it in simple language – longer a food is inside your mouth, more damage it does to the teeth enamel. This is also one of the major reasons on why are some teeth yellow.

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