Tips for Sound Sleep During Night Time

healthy sleep

healthy sleep

Sleep is one of the most important necessities of our life. A sound sleep in the night rejuvenates your energy and makes you fresh and healthy. A disturbed sleep will result in disturbed morning and the day becomes obsolete without any productive work. People deprived of it become sick both physically and mentally. So it is necessary that you have a good sound sleep at nights to be healthy and active in your life. In order to have peace of mind and life, tickhealth brings you some useful tips to get a sound sleep.

Make your bed room Cool and aesthetic
You do not get sound sleep in heated temperatures and clumsy bed rooms. A cool atmosphere with around 65oF to 75oF is best suited for sound sleep. Keep the things neat and clean in the bed room. A decently decorated room with dark and cool curtains and artistic paintings and dim lights makes you feel drowsy and sleepy at once. See that the room is free from distractions and noise producing items.

Take a bath before going to bed
If you can afford to, take a cool or warm bath before going to bed (as per your choice) to feel yourself light and comfort. If you can’t, you may at least consider washing your face, hands and legs with water and applying some scent or spray. These treatments can make your body and mind feel drowsy and sleepy.

Wear loose and light clothes
Wearing comfortable clothes contributes to better sleep. Tight and heavy dress makes you feel uneasy and congested thereby disturbing your sleep.

Have a comfortable bed with pillows for sound sleep
A comfortable bed of good length and breadth with enough space to sleep is necessary. Have the mattresses and pillows suiting to your choices, whether made up of cotton or foam chips. If they are too old replace with new ones. You should have enough space in bed to spread the legs lengthy and to turn to the sides comfortably without feeling any inconvenience.

Tips for Sound Sleep

Tips for Sound Sleep

Keep your mind free from tensions
Free yourselves from tensions and anxiety well in advance before going to bed. If you are worried about any problem or your next day’s schedule, note it down for dealing with it the next day morning and calm your mind.

Stick to a schedule
Going to bed and waking up daily at a fixed time, including on weekends, develops a discipline and makes your body and mind become habituated to a fixed sleep and wake up cycle. Thereby, you feel sleepy automatically at that scheduled time and get a sound sleep.

Other Tips
Some other important tips include listening to stories before going to bed, reading novels, listening to light music, eating light at dinner, drinking a cup of milk before bed with or without some carbohydrate rich snacks, etc. All these aid your metabolism in getting a good sound sleep.

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