Are sleeping pills are safe? Use Cautiously

There are several people who have become habituated to the use of sleeping pills. They consider it to be one of the best ways to get over the anxiety and stress which cause them to lose sleep. Thus a result of that there are several prescribed sleeping pills safe which aid the people to get over their problem of insomnia. But still it is highly recommended to consult with a doctor who knows a thing or two rather than becoming the doctor one self. This assist in two ways- firstly to know what the problem is and secondly to get the pill which is going to assist get over the hazard.

An analysis:

However these sleeping pills are something which the elder people should avoid. There are several people who are quite elderly and suffer from sleep issues and on surfing the internet or for that matter on consultation with friends and well-wishers become resolute in employing themselves to sleep pill addiction. Well this subjection can be viewed in two ways. It can both be good and bad at the same time. The reason of that is every person is different and if one medication works for someone it doesn’t necessarily has to give out the same amount of relief to the other person. If it works then fine but what happens if the ploy back-fires! After all it is a matter of life and death. So, again as mentioned above it is highly recommended to consult with the individuals who possess knowledge about this sort of thing.

The doctor recommended pills:

Just like every commodity or for that matter most of the commodities have different genres, sleeping pills safe as well as relief percentages also differ. There are several pills up for grabbing but make sure to have all knowledge about the problem and which pill is appropriate for the former. Here is a list of some of the top recommended pills which doctors prescribe to their patients. Just keep reading the paragraphs to know more about it.


sleeping pills safe

The Ambien safe pill or the Zolpedium is moderately effective in the treatment of insomnia for the major proportion of the people who employ it. An interesting statistic which develops out of it is that out of 311 consumers of this pill 201 users have indicated that they are very effective in providing them relief from insomnia, 78 users opined that they are ok in its functionality and the remaining 32said that they are in-effective. So what is the number which we stack up? It’s about 65% who say it is effective, 25% say it is ok and 10% say that they are not helpful.  These majority have also suggested that consuming up this pill assists them to get a full night sleep or for that matter the amount of sleep which is required for a body to function effectively the following day. However where there is loads of good characteristics, it is quite obvious that some bad characteristics should also be present. It is said to be a host of several side-effects such as strange or absurd behavior, little or zero memory of being engaged in it. Apart from that other side-effects which are relevant are drowsy feeling the other day, sleep walking, anxiety, sleep sex, headache, strange dreams; nightmares are a pack load of various side-effects.


sleeping pills safe

The lunesta safe pill is seen recommended by several doctors to their patients who suffer from sleep problems. They are a name which is also very popular among the general people. They assist people get their good and peaceful night sleep so that they are charged and energized the following day. An interesting analysis shows that in about 30+studies this pill is known to produce healthy results. There is no specific time to take them. One can use it for long as well for short spans but only on the consultation with the health care professional. However the doctors suggest their patients to take it at night as for the reason that they function really quickly. However there are certain conditions which apply and they are that they should not be taken with intake of alcohol and particularly in the morning as the thinking capacity may lessen and result in miss-haps. They also have certain side-effects such as confusion, mental alterations, wheezing, breath shortage, skin rash, tightness in the chest region and several others.


sleeping pills safe

The Unisom safe pill is another pill which the doctors subscribe to their patients to get over their sleep issue. It is mainly an antihistamine and mainly works by depressing the brain to generate drowsiness. They assist people who cannot sleep due to the anxiety and stress issues. However they involve several side-effects such as allergic reactions such as rashes, difficulty in breathing, tightness in the chest portion, hallucinations, faster heat beats, wheezing, tremors and a pack load more.


sleeping pills safe

The Rozerem safe pill is a pill which doctors mainly recommend to the adults. They are not the sleeping pills safe for elderly people nor are they effective sleeping pills safe during pregnancy. They are mainly given to people who are mid-age and suffer from insomnia. They are very effective and fast in functionality but also in that process have several side-effects such as tiredness, fatigue, allergic reactions, nightmares, suicidal tendencies, problem in breathing, changes in the behavior and several others.



The melatonin safe pill is a medication which assist people get over their sleep problems. They are also prescribed by several doctors but again like the above one they are not the effective sleeping pills safe for elderly people or for that matter sleeping pills safe during pregnancy.  They have various side effects such as anxiety, nightmares, confusion, problem in breathing and several others.

Apart from that there is one more pill known as the trazodone safe drug which patients are given to get adequate sleep. The trazodone safe drugs is known for its fast functionality and are also have some similar side-effects like the ones mentioned in the above list.

The tips to follow for taking sleeping pills safely:

But just taking these pills won’t help anybody. They have to be taken in the right manner. Here is a list of how to do that:

  • The first and most important tip of all, do not take a sleeping pill without consulting with the doctor.
  • Do not take more than the dosage which is assigned by the doctor.
  • Never and I mean never consume alcohol at near about the time of pill intake.
  • Take the pill at night especially at the time of sleep. One can also take in the morning if one doesn’t have anything to do that day.
  • Never drive while after taking the pill.

These are the things which one should know about sleeping pills. Hopefully the information was helpful!

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