How To Treat Keloid Scars Effectively

Undauntedly the keloid scars are quite often cause embarrassment to the patients. Though considered as harmless but are benign to a large extent.  Many times the keloid scars itchy sensation causes the patients to go mad before getting the right kind of treatment from the medical experts. By reading this article one is sure to find an answer for the scary question on how to remove keloid scars in a safer way.

keloid scars

Real Causes of Keloid Scars

Commonly known as Keloid in the medical parlance, the Keloid Scars pose a big challenge to the medical fraternity. The causes of these scars are still found to be mystery to the medical experts. Lots of researched have been made in all parts of the world and some the possible causes are published in the medical world. For the interest of the readers some of the main causes are listed below:

  1. Medical science has proved that changes in the cellular signals which control the growth of could be related to the formation of these scars. There is some school of thought that these scars can even be named as keloid acne scars as they remain like acne scars.
  2. It is believed that the habit of piercing in the body mostly by women especially in the earlobes can also be the cause of the formation of these scars among women. The scars can also effect men in equal terms who have the habit of piercing the body with stylish materials.
  3. The act of body piercing with images for the purpose of fashion and trendy with the style can also be considered as the cause of these unique scars in the human body.
  4. Some of the medical experts attribute the formation of these scars due to hereditary factor and it has been proved in several cases across the globe.
  5. The aspect of skin disorders too can play a key role in building these scary scars in the human body.

The above referred reasons are the possible ones on what causes keloid scars? though many more can be given by the skin experts. Such large reasons cannot be discussed in this short article. Some of these experts display the images of keloid scars before and after treatment in order to educate the patients during the consultation hours.

There are many answers for the question on how to get rid of keloid scars in effective methods. For the benefit of the readers some of them are listed below:

  • By Cortisone Injections which are safe but painful
  • By surgery one can remove these scares but with more risk of getting larger scars.
  • Laser technique can be used which is considered to be safe.

There are many answers for the question on how to get rid of keloid scars on chest. However such treatments are to be decided by the medical experts as per the other factors associated with the concerned patients.

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