How to treat Different kinds of Scars

Scars are formed if tissues are considerably damaged and repaired. It can happen as a part of any disease process or by poorly controlled wounds. There are home remedies for different kinds of scars that you should know. Scars are blemishes on the skin that can give a very irritating look if it happens on the visible body parts particularly the face, arms and legs. Youngsters are commonly prone to facial varied kinds of scars that may happen due to the habit of picking pimples. As wounds are part of life so is scarring. Forgetting about how does a scar form, people would like to find quick and guaranteed cure for removing scar marks. Some effective home remedies for different kinds of scars that are cheap and fast acting are discussed below. These should come handy to find quick cure for scars.

kind of scarsSkin care routine to cure scars

There is only one type of scar and its appearance depends upon the nature of wound that has caused the scar. Following some home remedies for different kinds of scars will give you quick results.

  • Never pick or squeeze at scars, as they get aggravated.
  • Use of sandal wood paste mixed with rosewater and kept overnight can help you get rid of scars.
  • Cucumber and lemon juice can heal scars fast. Honey and lemon juice also works for those who do not have oily skin.
  • A paste of lemon juice, turmeric, gram flour and curd can get rid of scars.

Home remedies for chicken pox scarsTo reduce the scarring effect you may apply sandalwood oil from the time the rash appears. Aloe Vera gel, cod liver oil and vitamin E oil can be used to avoid deepening of scars.

Treating different kinds of scars

Massaging and applying oil of rosehip, lavender or mustard seed are good for scar removal as also olive oil. Cocoa butter and baking soda mixed in water in the proportion of 5:1 works very well too. If you want to know how to get rid of scars on legs then use wheat grass spray that is good for removal of scars on the body. Vitamin E helps fading of scars and reduces its appearance.

Now that you know how a scar form, what are the different kinds of scars and how to get rid of scars on legs, it will be very easy for you to tackle the problem that afflicts almost everyone

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