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Atrophic Scar TreatmentWhat is an Atrophic Scar?

Atrophic Scars are usually caused by skin condition like acne, insect bites, chicken pox etc. After these conditions, the skin starts repairing itself and in such a process a scar is formed. The scars are thin and are in a shape of a crater. Many treatments have come up in the past many years like silicone treatment which push the skin up and fill the area of the scar. These treatments are permanent and quite effective.

There are various factors how your skin will react to a scar and how it will treat itself. These scars are harmless and are very sensitive to environmental changes like sun damage.

Types of Atrophic Scar Treatment

Number of scar removal treatment have come up which are very good in treating scars. These procedures include:

  • Microdermabrasion: This technique can be used on a person who has very little scar. Tiny tubes which have vacuum gently peel of the skin layer on the top of the scar. This is done to stimulate the growth of new cells and fill up the scar space.
  • Soft Tissue Filler: this process is used for sunken scar treatment. In this, the persona fat is taken from some part of the body and injected into tiny quantities below the surface of the skin at the scar area. Due to this the scar area is filled up and becomes in the same level of the skin.
  • Laser Treatment: atrophic scar lasertreatment uses laser. The laser smoothens and sculpts the surface of the scar. The lasers used are carbon dioxide laser popularly known as erYAG laser.
  • Dermabrasion: In this type of atrophic scar treatment when the scar is very extensive, dermatologists remove the top most layer of the skin while the patient is anesthetized. When the skin starts healing, it has a smooth and healthy appearance unlike the scar skin.
  • If you do not have a major scar then one can go for atrophic scar treatments at home. These are basically over the counter atrophic scar treatment cream. These scar treatments do not require doctor’s intervention. These skin creams will make the mark fade away with time.
  • Fillers like jauvederm or radiesse would do quite good if you have atrophic scar on chin.
  • Cytotoxic Injection: In this treatment Fluorouracil, which is a cancer drug or blemomycin, which is an antibiotic are injected in the scar so that the appearance of the scar improves. Often these medications are prescribed by the doctors along with mild strength steroids to improve the results.
  • Subcision: In this treatment the scar is cut away and let to bleed so that blood fills underneath and clots. This in turn helps the body to build fresh connecting tissues in the body and level it with the surface. Suction may be used along with laser treatment to improve the results.
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