How To Deal With Scars?

Acne is a skin inflammation, which affects many people. People may fall prey to acne regardless of age. According to a survey, it has been found that many teenagers become victims of such problems. This type skin condition appears at several body parts including neck, chest, back and it becomes mostly dominant in facial regions. It is difficult for everybody to take a wise decision to overcome with such problems. The prolonged problems of acne, results in formation of scars. There are many reasons for scars to surface on your skin. People have the habit of picking pimples. Due to such type bad habits, it results in the formation of scars. They are also formed due to side effects of certain medicines or formulations. Everybody should know about how to deal with scars without doing much damage to your skin. There are various types of remedies available for treating scars.

how to deal with scars

There are several ways on how to deal with scars

  • Avoid picking pimples.
  • Avoid using oil based creams or lotions
  • You can treat scars with homeopathy medicines.
  • Use non- comedogenic skin moisturizer to treat scars

How to deal with scars from self harm?

You should not pick pimples. By doing so, you make considerable damage to your skin and the infectious bacteria worsen the situation further.

How to deal with scars on face?

Bothered about how to deal with scars affecting your face? You can use lemon juice to treat scars on your face. It acts as natural bleach fading away the scars gradually. You should apply this juice for 15 minutes twice a day. You can also use Rosehip hip seed oil to remove scars. Massage your face with such oil for 15 minutes to get better result.

How to remove big scars?

There are several ways of removing big scars. You can use onion extract to get rid of big scar. It produces collagen in scar, thus making it less noticeable. You have to rub such gel on the scar for treating it and you get the result over a long run.

How to remove permanent scars?

Permanent scars can be removed in various ways. You can apply medicated creams, which contain Retinoids on the scar to make it shrink. You can use scar silicon sheeting technique for removing permanent scar. This also helps you to retain the desired moisture for your skin.

These are the several ways on how to deal with scars. The treatment for scar varies according to the nature of the scar.

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