HIV Strain Transforming To AIDS In Three Years Revealed By The New Study In Cuba

For HIV to transform into AIDS in patients generally takes 5 to 10 years. However, as per the new study made in Cuba – it had come into picture that a strain of this disease changes to critical AIDS without a patient being aware of the fact that he/she is really infected.


This report was concluded only after the HIV patients who developed the critical form only in 3 years coming in contact with the HIV virus as stated further in the study.

Anne-Mieke Vandamme who was the lead researcher in the study told reporters that the subjects who were part of the test had been observed to progress rapidly and all of them were infected in the past few years. She added that they knew the HIV patients were infected by the disease only prior to one or two years at the maximum.

HIV generally takes the form of AIDS in a person when his/her CD4 count reflecting white blood cells goes down to 200 or if a patient is said to be infected by the disease only when he/she doesn’t have a strong immune system.

Vandamme is a medical lecturer by profession at University of Leuven in Belgium. She along with her group had made a study on 95 HIV patients in Cuba. In their results concluded, it was found that only a sole HIV strain present in the infected group had developed AIDS at a faster pace.

This specific alternative is the blend of 3 subdivisions of HIV. According to the researchers group, it can occur only when an individual comes in contact with manifold HIV strains which later on combine within the body.

The researcher’s group also confirmed that HIV strain initially was seen to occur in Africa but had been more widely spread in Cuba.

Lead researcher of the study further had warned that it can respond to the drugs fighting virus but develop into full-form AIDS prior to the time a patient can realize that he/she is being infected by the disease.

This study had been published in “EBioMedicine”, a journal.


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