Sugary drinks leads to early menstrual periods and increases the chances of breast cancer

According to statistics girls who frequently indulge in sugary drinks tend to kick start their menstrual periods at a much earlier age than girls who do not. The findings are extremely important not just for the growth and development issues of childhood obesity in quite a number of countries but also for the reason that starting off periods early could also lead to an increase in the possibilities of breast cancer later on.

Sugary drinks

Important discovery:

About the relation of sugary drinks and the age at which girls have their first menstrual period, several analysis have proven that in the year between 1996-2001, girls who exist in age limits of 9 to 14 years and who consumed more than 1.5 servings of soft sugary drinks, had their first period about 2.7 months ahead as compared to the ones who had few servings in a week. The people involved in the research followed about 5583 girls and also discovered that the effect was independent of the BMI or girl’s body mass, total food consumption, height or for that matter other such physical activities.

These people involved in this research said that the main reason for such occurrences could be the presence of artificial sugar which elevates the %s of hormone insulin existing in the body thereby causing menstrual periods to initiate ahead of schedule. This is what they said in the Human reproduction journal. Another staggering fact which they highlighted is that when a girls first period age drops down by one year, the possibilities of her getting breast cancer increases by 5%.

New addition of the list:

Lester Barr, the chairman of the Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention quoted that breast cancer occurs due to several reasons such as combination of the genes, life-style factors, existing environment, therapies involving hormonal replacement, lack of breast-feeding, late birth of child, excess weight gain in their mid-age, extreme consumption of alcohol. He also said that judging by the recent researches one can also include sugary soft drinks in early age to that list.

In recent study carried out by the Human Reproduction journal, girls were asked about their diets in which also included how much sugary drinks or frizzy drinks, or for that matter sugary ice tea consumption’s and the stats which they got indicated that the average age of first menstrual period who consume soft drinks was about 12.8 as compared to 13 for girls who drink very little servings.

However one should not be excessively concerned about these relevant stats as proper proof still eludes them. The difference between girls who drink sugary beverages is just 2.7 months ahead than the ones who do not drink or drink in lesser proportions. The difference is relatively small but nevertheless intake of SSB which have high contents of calories and sugar could prove to be a problem as one ages. Instead they should subject themselves to a normal low sugary alternative which are radically available in the market.


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