We are Jugaads, We are Litter Bugs!

The Great Indian LitterBug

The Great Indian LitterBug

We, Indians, are known for Jugaad innovations, the little quick-wick fixes that solves complicated problems. This is good on one hand as it solves the problem itself but on the other hand, it is making us lazy in understanding the root causes of the problem, permanent fixes. Off late, we are becoming indolent Indians, by forgetting the importance of cleanliness that deteriorates the health and life finally. There are three main evil activities causing this problem. They are littering paper, spitting, urinating everywhere.

1. Littering Paper, plastic and used items : Littering has become so common that, we don’t see what we are throwing and where we are throwing. We are living in the world of chalta-hai but remember that it is going to affect us adversely very soon. We buy something on road, eat it and throw it on road. We don’t care whether that is going to affect someone or whether we are allowed to throw the garbage here-n-there. Unless and until, we personally face issue or trouble because of these activities, we will not change our habits! That is a bizarre activity. Use dust-bins to thrown unwanted waste.

2. Spitting: Whether it is spitting of chewing gum or pan, for that matter, anything on road is prohibited. You will be fined and will have to either pay a penalty or go to jail for this unlawful activity. Use spit-bins! Don’t damage others walls by spitting on them while ascending or descending steps.

3. Urinating: Use designated places or public toilets if you want to use washrooms. Don’t damage others home premises or roads.

What to do to Solve this?

1. First and foremost, understand that everyone and every place is important and it is mandatory to keep them neat and tidy. If you have to litter anything, carry them till you find a dust-bin or give it back to shop-keeper who will have a proper bin to place hold all these waste materials.

2. Drink less water when you think that you will be going to a place where you can’t pee. With-hold until you find a proper place to urinate.

3. Educate and change Yourself and Others!

Get inspired from the initiatives taken by Government of India, like Swacch Bharat and The Great Indian taken by Times of India. I believe, when they are able to take time to educate us on this, we should have time to implement them and also educate others.

Remember that, sooner or later, a day is coming where we will be died due to our own negligence and indiscipline activities that have destroyed Earth’s climate, killed all the flower-fauna and us finally. It is better to be cautious then sorry! Take a pledge that, starting from today you will not litter things at undesignated areas, don’t spit on road or on walls and don’t urinate in public places! This is for the greater good and for the happy future of the coming generations!!

Images source: http://greatindian.timesofindia.com/

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