Only Healthy Child Can Build a Healthy Nation and a Happy World

A Child is the father of the nation as they are the representative of the future and angels of the renaissance. Having a happy and healthy child needs no other interior decor for building a happy home.

When they toddle, the first time they utter a word brings enormous joy and satisfaction to all grown-ups and watching the baby grow from close is really an amazing experience for the parents.

But being helpless the babies are always at the mercy of the adults because they are not able to communicate their likes and dislikes like adults. Moreover, children are also vulnerable to malnutrition and infectious diseases and should be nurtured carefully so that they grow up happy and healthy.

The early years of a child, from birth up to the age of six years, are of immense importance as only healthy babies are likely to grow into healthy children, healthy teens and finally healthy adults for building a strong nation.

But nurturing a child to grow is not an easy job. It is true that they are our pride and we love them like anything. When a kid smiles we feel like the heaven is ushered on this earth and when they cry, or if they fell sick the whole family becomes gloomy and seem to be engulfed in darkness.

When my son was almost 4 years he started suffering from cough and cold and fever etc almost regularly. We approached doctors of the localities first, then the specialists, done numerous tests and had him administered various medicines and antibiotics. But all was in Vain. There was no improvement as he started falling ill and fading every week.

It was about the time when I have given up all hopes that my son will be by ok; I fortunately stumbled over some literature about Dabur Chyawanprash. The thing that it gives “3X immunity” drove home in my mind. I started to go through the literature that stated that it contained many herbs including ‘Amla’, a herbal anti-oxidants and ‘Giloy ‘that has immuno-modulatory properties besides more than 40 other natural ingredients that helps improvement in memory, intelligence and growth. The literature further said that it can be used for children from 3 years onwards.

At first both of us were shaky! But then we decided to give it a try. Thank god that we have decided so! We started giving Dabur Chyawanprash to our son with warm milk every day. At first there was no sign of improvement. But after a few days we noticed that our kid seems to be a bit comfortable and gradually he was cured as if he never had this trouble. The Dabur Chywanprash helped to increase his natural killer sales to fortify the immune system to such an extent that my son, who is in his teens now and is on Dabur Chywanprash since then, is very healthy, attentive to whatever he does and growing like anything.

Thanks to Dabur Chywanprash that helped me getting an intelligent kid blooming with infinite energy and sound health!

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