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Teeth whitening

Among all the expressions on face, smiley face is considered as the best and the most impressive expression. Deplorably, we can give our best smile during our happy moments only when we are confident enough with our smile. A brilliant smile gives you a long lasting appearance and confidence. When you smile, you don’t want others get scared because of your mouth odor or by showing un-brushed golden teeth. This will not happen if you brush your teeth properly and if you can maintain the whiteness of your teeth. But, on considering the current generation and their living style, it is tough to find such lightening and charming smile with normal brushing has turned highly impossible.
As we know, there is a solution for every problem there is a solution for this solution to convert your golden teeth into a white color. Due to the advancement in the technology, doctors/scientists found various solutions for every dental problem and it is left to the users to opt the best suitable and affordable solution. But there are situations where we get easily confused with multiple advertisements and options running around us. From these situations, finding the right remedy turns out to be a big hassle. The basic knowledge of teeth, problems-remedies is quite essential before opting for any of the market products on Teeth whitening.

Teeth Color and treatment span:

Any teeth whitening process has its own limitations. And these limitations depend on the color of the teeth and also the habits of an individual. Yellowish and darkly stained teeth will easily respond to the bleaching process. But if the stains are in purple or grayish, it’s hard to have a positive response. When it comes to blue stained teeth, it needs a long treatment to turn it into lighter color.
There are some home based whitening treatments along with the clinic based methods. You can find a few of them in the below description. And any method described below is preferable based on the stains and color on teeth, time span and affordability.

Dentist  whitening teeth

Dentist whitening teeth

Visit Dentist:

Before choosing any product, it’s quite essential to identify whether you are free with Gum problems, cavities towards the treatment. To ensure about damage free teeth, a doctor’s visit can help us in identifying the undamaged teeth. Professional confirmation plays a major role than the self- predictions as they are skilled. And the usage of whitening products without proper guidance can tend to increase the teeth damage.


Dentifrices are the whitening toothpastes which can remove the stains on teeth to a limited level. It can remove the stains up to single layer in contrast to the Bleaching products which can clear stains deeply up to 7-8 layers. Dentifrices won’t penetrate into deeper layers of teeth. Its recommended usage will be twice a day.

Whitening Gels:

Whitening gels contain Hydrogen peroxide and this can clear the stains from deeper levels. These gels can be used twice in a day for 4 months. The treatment results can be identified in 14 days of span at the minimum. In terms of expenses, it costs quite less when compared to Dentists’ treatments. The positive response can be identified by gum irritations.

Invisible Strips:

Invisible Whitening strips holding the hydrogen peroxide content clears yellowish color stains on the teeth. This treatment should be used twice in a day for the duration of 4 months within the affordable price.

Whitening Strip

Teeth Whitening Strip

Additional Care:

While going through the whitening treatment, it’s necessary to follow few other tips which avoid further dental issues and results in quicker removal from the stains.

  • During the whitening gels usage, it’s better to use it for a short span of time, a minimum of 30minutes. This will avoid problems with guns.
  • Smoking should be avoided during the whitening treatment. Else it’s hard to find the positive response to the treatment.
  • Teeth color can be tuned easily, when the whitening products contain high fluoride content. So, choose the products with high fluoride content.
  • Usage of higher level of Potassium content tooth pastes is preferred. This can soothe the nerve edges and avoid the gum issues.

Whitening treatment is a simple and hassle free process which can be done with minimal knowledge and basic precautions. Turn your stained teeth into brilliant white teeth and change your smile into a loving and everlasting expression with confidence.

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