Defecating In The Open Is The Root Of Many Health & Social Evils

The practice of defecating in the open is a serious sanitation issue in India. A joint report of the WHO and the UNICEF says that 597 million people practice open defecation in India.

And imagine they have to do so due to lack of toilets at home!!

Open defecation causes many diseases like diarrhoea, cholera & typhoid and can also contaminate the drinking waters even. During the rainy season the excreta gets washed and have every possibility to run into wells and streams contaminating the water with germs.

This habit of open defecation coupled with illiteracy and ignorance about sanitation and healthy practices has gone so deep into the lives of the villagers that they started believing that this is their inheritance and could not imagine even what the alternative could be!

It may seem harsh and biased; but if someone has to be blamed for this; the blame should go the men. In this parental male dominated society every decision is taken by the men only and whatever feeble voices the women raised about their practical difficulties have been over-ruled by men.

Almost 70% of the Indian people live in villages and most of them defecate in the open without understanding the serious health hazards the habit is associated with. The habit turns to be a curse to women as they cannot have their privacy.

Moreover, the absence of toilet at the home has also contributed to cases of women molestation. Two dalit girls, who were in their teens, were gang raped and murdered in UP when they went to the field at night to respond to the nature’s call.

Astonishingly, there are villagers who love to go to the open for relieving themselves in spite of having toilets at home. Because they find the practice pleasurable and comfortable and can also have look to their fields early in the morning.

So building toilet only cannot solve the problem. There has to be a mental change. The only solution to this social evil is to launch massive campaign for educating and bringing changes in the sanitation preferences of the villagers besides providing toilets for each and every home.

Domex the prime germ-killer brand of Hindustan Unilever has taken a vow to do the job by finding sustainable and long-term solution. Domex has opened an academy named Domex Toilet Academy in November 2013 and it is working for the cause of improving sanitation conditions by providing accessible and affordable toilets.

DTA promotes the benefits of clean toilets & good hygiene and campaigns to increase general awareness emphasizing that lack of sanitation is the main reason behind high incidence of diarrhoea in India besides other intestinal diseases.

Domex has also reached out to the consumers for increasing awareness on sanitation crisis and the needs for improving the situation. You can also take part in the movement to bring about changes in the lives of your country kids  by simply pressing the “Contribute Now” tab on A contribution of Rs.5 will be made by Domex on your behalf for eradication of open defecation so that your lovely ‘Bablis’ can  have safety and a dignified life.

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