A Tale of of Humanity and Inspiration

If you are one of the persons who think that mercy and selfless help are bygone dictionary terms and the present world is nothing less than a mechanical world and humans are turned into humanoids, then you have to read this post that tells about life, love and joy in sharing. This is a true incident that took place in Infosys Hyderabad, Gachibowli campus. As this incident happened in Hyderabad, few of the places may not be known to all. You can use Google maps to check the places and distances.

How I was helped by a Stranger?

2 years back … When I was going to home from the office in the late hours (around 12:30 am), my bike didn’t start due to some reason. I tried to fix the issue but it was unsuccessful. All of a sudden, the rain started blistering heavily and I drenched in water. Since my bike was not working, I called transport department to check if there were any cabs to my location. Alas! the cabs left a few minutes back and the next cab was at 3:00 am. I went outside of Infosys to catch an auto, but none of them were available.

I came inside and tried my luck to get lift in a car waiting at gate 3, but the luck stood at a distant! Then, I went to main gate to try my luck, but there were no bikers. I was standing aside waiting for someone to come. I was looking up to see if God can help me out in this situation. Then a person named Jayanta_Mondal, came to my rescue (He was going towards hi-tech city). He has offered lift. Since, I have to go to Miyapur, I got down at Kothaguda. he insisted that he will drop till my home as it was late night and the rain was pouring down heavily. I couldn’t accept, as it will be hectic for him to go back. I told I will take auto from there trying to take out my wallet. To my deemed luck, I lost my wallet somewhere in between and I have no money to go from there. Jayanta was watching all this and he gave me money to hire an auto without even asking for my details. He didn’t even ask for my employee number or any other details to ask his money back! I took an auto and reached home safely.

I am thankful for that person because hadn’t he helped me twice, it would have been a disastrous day for me. This incident has made me think that there are a few people who think beyond themselves and who care for the greater goodness. It is not an easy task to help someone without knowing anything about the other person. Next time, I will write a story about “how I helped the strangers and what it turned out into?” This is my moment that filled hope and optimism on humanity.

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