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Last time, I talked about “How Quikr had helped me in relocating to Bangalore”. Taking cue from that blog post, one of my friends (who don’t believe much in online purchases) has called me whether we can trust it to buy second hand electronic items as this is a mere platform and it doesn’t take the ownership of providing genuineness of the product and also it won’t help in resolving conflicts between buyer and seller. Read further to know the success story of transacting securely and economically using Quikr NXT.

I assured him that, not all the sellers are bad and the products are outdated! There are quiet a good number of genuine sellers who would like to sell either as they are re-locating or to upgrade the present electronic item. And, to answer his question precisely, I suggested him to use “QuikrTM NXT” – the chat feature where everything will be logged that could be used as a reference in case of any conflicts or issues.

Quikr NXT

Quikr NXT

He then scouted for a second hand point-and-shoot camera, whose MRP is 8,999 INR being sold for 5,500 INR which as 6 months old as the seller got DSLR camera as a present. It was a good price for 6 months old camera. There was some communications between the seller and the buyer and the deal was finalized. My friend has gone to seller’s place to collect the camera and he was shocked when the seller told that the price he was 6,500. Seller tried to deceive my friend saying that the deal was for 6,500 but when my friend showed the Quikr message having the price as 5,500, the seller agreed to sell for that price. Then, the deal was closed and my friend is happy with the camera. The lesson that I learnt from this “writings are permanent than voice”. The chat messages came as rescue in the real need of hour. Without this intriguing feature from Quikr, the buyer would have paid more money than accepted!

This success story has compelled me to blog about this unique feature that could save thousands of your hard-earned bucks. So, here we go….

What is QuikrTM NXT?

It is the latest feature that allows the buyer and seller to interact directly regarding any product that they want to buy or sell. The following are the salient attributes

  1. Decrease Transaction Time: Prior to this, buyer and seller can only interact via e-mails, which takes days and phones, which take hours to respond. But, now the users can interact instantaneously without having to wait! Pranay Chulet, the CEO of the company, said that the transaction time for used goods has come down from 2-3 days to a day.

  1. Phone Number Privacy: One need not share his phone number or e-mail address to sell in Quikr anymore. They can just use this messaging feature that helps potential buyers to interact with sellers without letting his/her number known to the public world. Isn’t that great? Today, where privacy is a big concern, this is a phenomenal!
  1. Share Images to potential buyers only: One can share images only to prospective buyers than to all. Few sellers, that don’t know the true value of the product, were annoyed because of the disturbing comments on the products that they are selling lead them to stop selling on this platform. Now, that restricted photo sharing is possible through the Quikr NXT, I think they will return back.

On the whole, I can tell that this is the next big logical step for Quikr to keep its dominance in online marketplace where it is competing with Olx, Sulekha and also safeguards the user’s privacy.

Image Credits: Indiblogger

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