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Quikr Logo

Moving out of the hometown is a big hassle in life and if you are a married person, then it will be a daunting task. It’s because of friends, relatives, neighbors and the whole surroundings that create a nostalgic feeling when you try to shift from your place to a new place. It will be a big leap if you are moving from a small town to a metro city like Bangalore where everyone moves in fast-forward mode. I had a similar experience and would like to share a few details how I made my life easier and a smooth transition while shifting to Bangalore from my small town.

As I am an avid user of internet, I use lot of websites like indianroommates, facebook groups to find a place near to my office in Indira nagar. Even before moving out of the town, I finalized the place to stay and visited the place before moving to Bangalore. The second big task is finding the required furniture to move in as I can’t shift all of the furniture from my home my parents will use them. I was in a dilemma whether to buy new and costly furniture or old and used one! After deliberate thinking and research on internet, I came to know there are sites like Quikr which are connecting the sellers and buyers. I was pleased to see that Quikr has such a vast user base and the astonished to see the prices of those products.

List of Items that I purchased from Bangalore Quikr and the amount of money I saved:

  1. Sofa set (3+1+1) – 10,000 INR
  2. wi-fi router – 500 INR
  3. Dining Table + 4 Chairs – 5,000 INR
  4. Book’s Stand – 2,000 INR
  5. Shoe rack – 500 INR
  6. Television – Sony 32″ Full HD LED TV – 12,000 INR

Time Saving: 2 weeks (as I shop only in weekends during my holidays)

Money Saving: 30,000 INR

Lots of energy and time are saved due to shopping online. There were other sites like eBay, which are also into classifieds but the prices are very steep! Hence, I preferred this site. I had happily spent that time with my family. The other reason why I purchased items from this site is that I was a seller in my hometown, where I sold items at a quick pace and also understood that this is a platform where I have to look for selling and buying used products or new products.

quikr home page

Home page of Quikr website

NXT, the connect-feature, is a tool to chat in real time with buyers and sellers to know further details about the product makes this website unique and unique and classy! QuikrX, the latest tool of Quikr, where the site provides 30 days guarantee to the seller about the product makes this platform to rely on for used electronic items. It is quiet interesting to see these kinds of facilities from the website. Taking ownership of the products and providing a safety net to the sellers is something that consumers like me are looking from a long time. Hope, this platform emerges with further more interesting features to make this as Google of classifieds!

I think you (a new person to Bangalore city) understood how to survive in this city, how to save money on household items and also where to look for to buy/sell your products. Feel free to share your experience in using this site.

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