My Family: The Strength Of Love

Family, it’s not a word but it consists of those people who live with you, who live for you and who live with you. A large part of our lives, we spent with them.

I also have such a family with 4 members including me, my father, my mother and my sweet little brother. They are really supportive, caring and loving. They are not like those people who live centuries behind, stuck in those old superstitious things and anti to girls. They are daughter lovers.

I will prove this by writing this incident that took place in my well going life, 2 years back. That day I was on my way to airport to board to Dubai for an official trip. I hired a taxi for the same. My brother’s health was not well so no one from the family could come see off me. I was a delhian so I had to reach IGI Airport at 12:00 am. I was going alone like this for the first time in my life till then.  So, I was not familiar with the route to the airport.  I found one thing strange; I left from the house at 10:30 p.m and now it was 11:00 am but there was no sign of airport and now I realized that the driver was a beast and was up to something wrong. Before I could do something, I saw myself trapped.

I was scared of course. But I didn’t lose my patience. I decided won’t be one of the girls being talked of being caught by those rape cases. I very cleverly handled the situation. I pretended to be weak and stammered and as soon as I got a chance I sent a message to my father’s phone and very secretly I captured them and sent there picture to my father. I also called up police and let the phone switched on. I started shouting and tried to take out the name of place I was at. I was unable to do, it but the police was able to trace the call and within half-an-hour the police and my father were there. The driver and his mate were caught.

I returned to home and there I burst into tears because it was very difficult for me to handle all that alone. I was still scared. I thought my parents would blame me for trying to be so modern and travelling all alone but they were different. They supported me and believed that I was not wrong and in fact they said that I was an inspiration for the modern girls and a lesson for such devils. They motivated me not to ever lose confidence and inspired me to look up to my future. Also the inspector was really proud of seeing that such brave girls were there and promised me that he will punish them and all those who tried to commit such crimes. That was really a memorable day for me and I will never be able to forget that.

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