Melbourne the tourist paradise!

Overlooking the vast bay of Port Phillip and having the city center near the estuary of the Yarra River Melbourne beckons tourist from all over the world with its many attractions and vibrant livening. The elegance and cosmopolitan character of the city together with its welcoming heart is a real heart throb of the travelers.

Ranked first by Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) 2014 Global Liveability Index leaving Vienna, Vancouver and Toronto behind the city has an overall rating of 97.5 out of 100 and scored perfect hundred in basic amenities like health care, culture and education.

You cannot but fall in love when you visit the followings.

1. Melbourne City Circle Tram

If you want know the city, catch the City Circle Tram. It takes the tourists around the city passing through places of attractions, shops and city events. The  bag packers loves it due its free service. You can also enjoy hopping experience by alighting at any destination you wish and again boarding next trams. This is not the end! Throughout the journey you get a running commentary on the en route places of attractions.

You can also travel in any direction you like because it has both clockwise and anticlockwise routes and it has very good linking with other tram, bus and train routes to take you to any destination in Melbourne.

You can spend all day on a City Circle Tram! The services are available every 12 minutes and take 48 minutes to make one full round.

2. Eureka Skydeck 88

Now that you have an intimate view on the city circle tram if you really want to map Melbourne, you have to be here. Opened for the public in May 2007, the skydeck is situated at a height of almost 300 meters above the ground level.

Designed to reach for the sky, it has a glass cube that projects 3 meters out from the building with visitors inside. You enter into an opaque glass chamber and as it moves out and fully extended, the glass becomes clear to offer you the most panoramic view of Melbourne from highest viewing platform in the Southern Hemisphere.

Looking through the binoculars you will have the thrilling experience of how does the city look like from outside the world!

3. Queen Victoria Market

Queen Victoria Market


Also known as the ‘Vic Market’ or ‘Queen Vic’ it is a major place of tourist attraction and a shoppers’ paradise. This is such a famous landmark for centuries in Melbourne that even a blind man can tell you about this!

The historic market spreads over two city blocks and full of bustle and buzz throughout the day. Whenever you go to the market you feel like that the entire Melbourne populace has come there for shopping.

Queen Vic is open on 5 days from Thursday to Sunday and Tuesday. Though it is closed on Monday and Wednesday, during summer you can relish delicious dinner and drinks with live entertainment in the specially held night market.

You name anything from fruits, vegetables, cloths, jewelry, cosmetics and you can get it here under one roof enjoying the friendly competition between the shopkeepers.

4. Philip Island



Situated about 140 km southeast of Melbourne, it unfolds the beauty of the amazing world of the native wildlife of Australia. You can spend the day witnessing little penguins on parade, watching the seals catching fishes and have a glimpse of the koalas dozing up on the high tree branches.

There is a wildlife park where the kids can feed wallabies with their own hand and can also enjoy the excitement of pelican feeding.

At penguin parade you shall have your kids jump with joy and excitement when hundreds of wild Little Penguins emerge from the sea at the sunset.

The Little Penguin is the smallest and most cute penguin in the world and won’t believe how they waddle across the beach like a disciplined army and return to their sand dune burrows.

5.  12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road



If you want to discover scenic coastal beauty and breath catching seaside vista you will get all these when you drive to the 12 Apostles at Great Ocean Road. These giant rock stacks are the results of continuous erosion of the limestone cliffs that started millions of years ago.

Corrosion first transformed the cliffs into caves that eventually became arches. As the caves collapsed rocks stacked up to around 45 meters height and became isolated from the shore resulting the Apostles.

This is around 275 kilometers west of Melbourne and takes approx a four hours to reach along the Great Ocean Road. You must be present here both at sunrise and at sunset to have the heavenly view of the Apostles changing colors from dark to brilliant yellow under the scorching Sun.

Come Alive in Melbourne and visit Tourism Victoria website to get more info.

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