How to Revamp your Flubbed Relation

Human TOuch

Human Touch

Most of the Relations bud up in schooling or in college or during any occasion. People meet-up, introduce, converse, become friends and move on to a serious relation in the future. Everything from quirky fights to serious fights during the budding stages of relation doesn’t matter as you are in pursue of your partner and don’t want to do anything that hampers the relation. I have personally seen many couple who are experiencing a difference in the relation before and after marriage even though their counterpart is showing similar kind of affection now and then. This post is for those who want to revamp their flubbed relation, savor in your existing relation or anyone who want to build a sustained and ever lasting relationship.

Spend Quality time with your Partner: Many spend time with their spouses/partner but not qualitative time. Every human wants a near-and-dear person to share their anguish, agony, happiness, sad, achievements, humor and every other emotion and feeling. That makes their mind free of never-ending thoughts, peaceful and relaxed. Unless and until you spend quality time, you will not be indulged in the conversations and your partner can definitely find it out! It is better to spend 5 min of quality time than spending 5 hours of busy and blatant time.

Show Appreciation: Everyone expects some kind of gratitude for their work. It is not necessary to be materialistic but it could be a simple word or appreciation, a simple touch, a hug, reciprocation by doing something that makes her/him happy. Of all, I would choose a touch because there are many feelings which can’t be expressed in words nor that can define them. It is simple and effective. A simple touch has million words to speak, billion feelings to understand. Also, the silence that comes with the touch makes the opposite person to ponder on what is the real intent of the touch, whether he/she is happy or sad or joyful. Check the below video which emphasizes the advantages of #BringBackTheTouch.

One word of caution, make sure that you are healthy and tidy to create a positive impression. You can use other external sources like parachute advansed body lotion to soften and glow your skin and for better results in the process. In the comment section, you can post how revamped your relationships.

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