My First IndiaBloggers Meet Experience – Awesome

IndiBloggerYesterday (30-January-2015) evening was not a general Friday evening. It was special, unique and first-of-its kind as it was the first time that I went to a bloggers meet held by Indiblogger @ ITC Gardenia hotel, Residency Road of Bangalore. It was an amazing experience to meet such a high number of fellow bloggers. It is a rare opportunity, hence I didn’t want to miss it! I have wrapped my work quickly in the office as I don’t want to stuck in Bangalore traffic. While on the move, I was anxious to meet the fellow bloggers. It was a mixed feeling of joy and tension as what I will have to do in the event 🙂

This blogger meet is sponsored by Asus India and hashtag of the event is #GoSleeekASUSExperience. As advertised, the meet was only for the preregistered users and there was a thorough check up at the entrance, making sure that there are no strangers. We got a warm welcome from Indiblogger asking us to login into the blogger account to track who has come and who hasn’t. I am surprised to see that the seating was arranged in group of tables rather than rows of chairs. It shows the immense care taken by the Asus in not only sponsoring the event but making sure that it looks rich and beautiful. I introduced myself to couple of bloggers and we shared some light moments and discussed about our blogs and blogging experience.

After everyone sitting comfortably, the main event commenced. Anoop, the host of the event officially started asking a few questions about why we have come to the meet and what are we expecting out of it! Both the newbies, like me, who is attending the event for the first time and also veterans answered him and also we got a glimpse of regular attendees. Later the energy was taken skyrocket with the start of Rock music. They were not only energetic but also asked audience (we bloggers) to participate in singing, hopping. You can see the images of this even below.

It is followed by the ‘speaker notes’ from Asus Product Manager who introduced ASUS EeeBook X205 – portable, sleeeky laptop, the perfect companion for blogging and for anyone who want to carry their laptop with them all the time. I prefer to call it as LapLet (Laptop + tablet). It has all the features of a laptop with the size of a tablet except for the touch screen. The second product is ASUS All-In-One PC ET2040 – a Desktop Xbox. It is a portable PC which can give backup of 1 hr. It recognizes human gestures and responses to them similar to an Xbox. I prefer to call it as Xetop (Xbox + Desktop).

ASUS EeeBook X205

ASUS EeeBook X205

Then there was a twitter competition where we told to share our firsthand experience of these products. We did it the live tweets are shown on the screen instantaneously. Happy to see our tweets on the big screen. And the last activity was a team activity where all the bloggers were divided into 4 teams. Each of the team has to tell about “blogging” through the chit that they got. It was a fun event with lot of chaos! We delivered well and shared few lighter moments. The event is concluded by a group picture as shown below.

Bloggers group photo at Indiblogger meet

Bloggers group photo at Indiblogger meet

Finally, the event has come to end with the dinner served by ITC. They have lived up to expectations with delicious food. It contained both veg and non-veg items including soup, salads, biryani, bread, curries, desserts and drinks.

The best thing about the event is, everything is digitalised and technology was used to its core. Be it, registration process, projecting user’s live tweets or presentation from the official Asus team. Also, the team was conscious about the bloggers and made sure that they are neither bored nor tired. There were starters throughout the meet-up and the waiters were carrying them to everyone in the hall. It was a great meeting and fun-filled for sure. Thanks to IndiBlogger and Asus India for making the day memorable and joyful!

Photo Credits: Softpedia, indiblogger

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