Cleaning visible and invisible dirt from India

raise_your_voiceCleanliness is next to Godliness! This is true in its innate nature but unfortunately, very a few people behave and maintain tidiness. It’s because spruceness requires continuous efforts, long standing commitment. Luckily, today in India, everyone is talking about cleanliness after Narendra Modi has become PM. He started “Swachh Bharat” Program. It means, keeping India clean. Due to his mass following and charisma among youth, the moment is running at full peace. It is because of his efforts and a few of the committed environmentalists that people are keeping this society clean and neat. Else, there would have been dumping yards at every street of India where its people concerned about their own safety, their own health, their own well-being, their own life. Luckily, the celebrities are also endorsing this initiative. In a country like India, where we believe in Babas more than scientists, where we want magic more than logic, where we worship the celebrities and film artists more than our parents, this is the only way to bring a change on national level. It is time to clean things, starting from the physical dirt to invisible daemons and stubbornness.

All of the above is just one side of the coin. There is other darker and frightening side, where the patience is suppressed by power, where talent is killed by bribes, where intelligence is overtaken by influence, where money is the master of many things. There are quite a few talented and gifted people who are not able to reach their aspirations and goals. Many a times, we see such incidents and be calm, reactionless, and care-free as we think that we are not the sufferers. Unless and until, we face the similar kind of situation in future, we fail to realize the impact of such an incident.

Enough of silence, lets raise our voice for the needy people at needed times. Let us be proactive than reactive. Let us start understanding the society and empathizing for the people who deserve better life, better opportunities, better facilities. It will be more satisfactory to be penned down for a good cause than bending down and fleeing from the situation. If it requires our time, our attention, a few words or a few actions that can bring a change in other’s life, let’s do it. Let us not be what we were before! We shall strive to be samskrithik Indians, who has samskar.

It is good to see that a few corporate companies are taking initiatives to bring in this change. They are trying a build a spirit that’s making people to voice their opinions, put their thoughts on blogs so that more people read them understand the importance of speaking when needed. Strepsils has come up with #AbMontuBolega campaign, which asks users to speak for the needy at AbMontuBolega website. If you also would like to participate, please free to raise your voice in social media channels like twitter with the above hashtag, so that we as a group can make louder and clearer voice than individualistic.

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