5 Bedtime Ritual That Your Kids Should Follow

Sleeping is one of the most important things that we do in our daily life. A sound sleep is the key to remain energetic as well as healthy. To ensure a tight sleep, few bedtime rituals should be followed religiously and it is the duty of every parent to teach these bedtime rituals to their kids. If bedtime rituals are not followed and if one goes to sleep without maintaining proper hygiene, he or she may face a lot of physical and mental difficulties.

Some kids find it quite hard to sleep, while some kids undergo nightmares regularly. These have heavy psychological and physical impacts over the kids. As parents, you should make sure that your kids remain healthy, strong and energetic. Thus, it is important for you to teach good bedtime rituals to your kid right from the childhood. So, here some of the ideas for teaching proper bedtime rituals to your kids:

  1. Getting Prepared before Going to Bed

Most of the kids like to plunge into the bed, when they feel sleepy. Well, this is quite a bad habit. Encourage your kids to get prepared before going to bed. Like in childhood you used to change your baby’s nappy before making him or her to sleep, the same thing has to be done when your kids grow up gradually. Before going to bed, changing dresses is important. But before that, teach your kid to brush teeth and to get fresh by applying water on face as well as feet. This will ensure that your kid will stay relaxed while sleeping. Bedtime dresses should be simple and cotton based so that they should not create skin rashes. The pants should not be tight otherwise it will cause improper blood circulation.

  1. Say Goodnight to Moon

Etiquettes are something that helps character building. Learning good etiquettes right from childhood always helps the kids to become good persons. Saying good night or wishing sweet dreams to parents is always considered as a good etiquette. Kids also find it fun to say good night to moon. According to many fairytales of different countries, moon is considered to be a good friend of kids. Thus, bid a good night before going to bed!

  1. Sleeping Early – No Late Night Studies

Modern teenagers used to wake up till late night, which is not a good thing. It has heavy psychological impacts over our minds. Stress, anxieties, sadness, despair, teen life frustration, etc. get generated due to undisciplined sleeping. Thus, teach your kids to go to bed early and teach them to maintain proper bedtime. Staying disciplined since beginning will surely help your kids at their teenage stage.

  1. Teach Sleeping in proper Postures

Sleeping in proper postures is important otherwise blood circulation in our body gets harmed significantly. Moreover, remaining in proper postures while sleeping will help your kids to stay away from chronic joint pain or back pain or neck pain.

  1. No Mobile Phone or Gaming at Bed

After going to bed, highly discourage your kids from mobile phones or mobile gaming stuffs. Kids like to have these gadgets at their bed, but it is a bad practice after all. Mobile gaming puts stain on eyes and also disturbs the mind. Hence, kids face a lot of sleeping disorders.

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