Use Hair loss treatment for men to get rid of emotional impact of loosing hairs

Hair is a very vital cosmetic element for appearance. In medical science it is known as ‘alopecia’ that causes beauty problem and emotional depression. Hair loss is a very common condition and almost 70% of men suffer from hair loss at some stage of their life span. This may also happen due to many different causes that vary from individual to individual. This article aims to discuss basics of hair loss, its reasons and hair loss treatment for men.

hair loss treatment for men

What is hair loss?

It is natural to loose around 100 to 150 hairs everyday, which is replaced  by regular growth of fresh hairs. When there is an imbalance in the process, it results thinning of hairs and called hair loss.

Why hairs are lost?

Loss of hairs can be caused due to heredity, aging process and several diseases like thyroid problem and anemia besides fungal infection. In acute cases traumatic damages like pulling of hairs or trichotillomania results in severe hair loss.  Medications such as chemotherapy also results loss of hairs.

There are various hair loss treatment for men and the below five treatment methods will help to prevent hair loss considerably

  1. Treatment using natural remedies

The natural hair loss treatment for men include application of organic oils, natural shampoos etc. Pure coconut oil should be applied  on the scalp and then  massaging the oil intimately with fingers making small circles in a section of the hairs and following the same for the entire scalp  shields the hairs, supplies nutrition and results growth of hairs. Massaging with oil also help to improve blood circulation in scalp that also enhances growth of hairs. Washing the hairs with natural and herbal shampoo after application of oil also produces good results. One can also apply yolks of eggs on hairs and massage it throroghly. This should be allowed to stay for a while on the hairs and be rinsed afterwards to get good results. Mixture of vinegar, orange juice and milk can also be applied on the hairs. Natural peanut butter when applied on the hairs and  allowed to stay for an hour before rinsing also produces good result. Adding more protein sources to the diet plan and drinking plenty of water with these natural remedies are full of nutrients and devoid of artificial chemicals, help to fight hair loss considerably.

  1. Using medications

Besides other reasons, conversion of free testosterone into dihydrotestosterone or DHT also causes loss of hairs in men. Application of medication is based on the principles of lowering the levels of free testosterone and preventing the conversion as well. Application of Minoxidil, the FDA approved lotion, on the scalp helps to combat hair loss by stimulating growth of hairs. Finasteride (Propecia) is also FDA approved medicine in case of androgenic hair loss. It is basically an inhibitor that  helps reduce hair loss by blocking natural hormones acting in the scalp and  hair follicles. Though Propecia helps to  grow thick hairs in some cases of hair loss, its prime function is to retain the existing hairs. This medication acts  well in many types of hair losses if the tablet is taken for six months to one year.

  1. Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss in men

In Ayurveda, the hair is believed to be derived from “asthi’ or bone tissue and disturbances in the metabolism of these tissues depend on the fire of digestion and affect the quality of the hairs. According to ayurveda hairs are classified as per the three elements of the body: ‘vata’, ‘pitta’ and ‘kapha’. As per ayurvedic principles these three types of persons has three types of hairs according to the ‘doshas’. According to Ayurveda, excess of ‘pitta dosha’ is the main cause of hair loss problems. When ‘pitta’ accumulates in scalp skin it leads to fall of hairs.

The first step of ayurvedic treatment for hair loss is to locate the diet that caused the ‘pitta’ to increase. Once it is found,  it should be avoided or at least be cut down  for reducing the effect of ‘pitta’. Ayurvedic herbs ‘Jatamansi’ helps to have glowing skin, ‘Bhringaraj’ the best for hair care treatment and ‘Amla’ being rich in vitamin C solves many hair problems.

Daily hot oil massage with coconut,’brahmi’ or almond oil is improves blood flow and energies the hair follicles. Application of paste of ‘neem’ leaves also very good for hair treatment as it prevents dandruffs. ‘Ritha’ can also be used as natural shampoo for cleaning hairs without damaging those.

  1. Hair loss treatment for men at home

Men also have many hair problems and suffer from loss of hairs like females. A good hair loss preventing medicine can be prepared by ‘methi’ seeds in coconut oil and straining it. When this is applied on hairs and into the hair roots it yield excellent results. Alternatively ‘henna’ leaves boiled in mustard oil also found to act as a good hair loss preventing medicine. One can also use paste prepared from crushed coriander or ‘dhania’ leaves as homemade medicine against hair loss. DIY mask can also be prepared by mixing one medium sized onion, one table spoon honey, one table spoon olive oil in a blender and straining it. This if applied to the scalp and allowed to stay for one to two hours before washing with a shampoo one to two times a week gives very good results in hair loss treatment.

  1. Improving health of the hairs

Improving health of the hairs in turn prevents hair loss and thus a viable option for combating hair loss treatment. Studies revealed that vitamin A helps the hair follicles to grow and therefore eating of carrots, green leafy vegetables, fish oil, eggs and milk is a must for having healthy hairs. Drinking of plenty of water is also very vital. If you are not eating enough there will not be adequate nutrition for the hairs to grow. As such, a healthy and balanced diet plan is very vital to improve health of the hairs for combating hair loss. One must have broccoli, avocado, soybeans besides animal protein as Vitamin B supplement. Taking  orange, tomato etc for Vitamin C source is very beneficial. Sea foods like shrimps, oysters etc can supply plenty of zinc to the body and therefore must be included in the dietary plan.

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