Top 5 Hair Loss Prevention Tips

Before dealing   with all the effective hair loss prevention it is extremely important that we understand why this sorts of occurrences take place. Hair fall occurs due to several reasons. Sometimes it is due to the diet which we follow, while on other occasions it is the excess medications which we take. Also the outdoor pollution, or for that matter wearing helmets and caps can lead to fall of hair. This defect can also arise sometimes due to the genetic issues. An interesting analysis states that out of the total inhabitants who suffer from hair loss issues, a third of them are women.

hair loss prevention

Top hair loss prevention techniques:

No matter whatever the cause of hair loss, the important thing to note is how the hair grows and what could be done to prevent such hair loss predicaments. So in the below paragraphs we will highlight the appropriate hair loss prevention methods. Follow closely.

  • The first and probable the best way to prevent hair loss is taking care of the hair. To be honest they is no assurances that one can control; hair loss which occurs due to genetic complications. But the thing which all can do is make sure that one employs the best hair products to keep it in top shape. Hair should not be subjected to excessive heat and drying. The usages of hair dryers or hair straighteners should be minimized. Also never color the hair for more frequent than 6-8 weeks and go for semi-coverage rather than the full monty!
  • The second thing which one must keep in mind in order to prevent hair loss is the hair styling. Try and avoid styling which involve tight pulling or which need elastic clips or bands. Examples of such styles are pony-tails, corn-rows, braiding tightly, plaits and etc.
  • Another one among the effective hair loss prevention methods is never to comb the hair when it is wet. The mistake which most men and women do is immediately start combing as they come out of the shower. When the hair is wet it is very vulnerable and on combing they make them fall off. So the thing which they have to do is dry the hair properly and slowly and when it is dry, then start to set it up. Also try and avoid shampooing every day as that too leads to loss of hair.
  • Maintain a healthy life style. Hairs like nails often signify the barometers of a healthy hygiene. A healthy diet will automatically lead to beautiful lush and dense hair. So try and include lots of green vegetables, fresh fruits and energy drinks in to the regular diet. Also drink plenty of water to keep the body parts hydrated and fully functional.
  • Hair massage once a week as they are really good in preventing hair loss. Apply coconut or almond oil to the hair scalp and if this does not suffice then apply the coconut oil on the scalp overnight before shampooing the hair. This also works as an effective mode of preventing loss of hair.

Thus these are some of the top hair loss prevention mechanisms. Hopefully they turned out to be helpful.

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