Top 10 Hair Loss in Women Treatments

Nature has endowed both men and women with hair, as a great protection for head and an unparalleled adornment for appearance. Especially for women, this is most important as it is almost part of their body embellishment. When made in various styles and forms, ladies have a beauty which no words can tell. But more often than not, hair loss occurs in ladies causing untold misery. But you needn’t despair, as umpteen treatment options-both home-made and allopathic including surgical hair transplantations- are available today. If money saved is money earned, then hair saved also is hair earned. So, when it comes to hair loss in women treatment, it enjoins both- preventing loss as well as gaining growth.

Hair Loss in Women Treatments


Hair loss in women treatment is built on the concept that early intervention, intake of vitamins and minerals, and topical treatments with internal and external medications on the scalp retard hair loss and foster hair growth.


Disadvantages of hair loss:

Hair loss robs you of the beauty of your personality. You lose your self-esteem, self-confidence and pride in the society. You may try hiding it under hats. To overcome this, the best way is to follow time-tested, natural courses or seek treatment under a licensed physician.


Wake-up call:

Thinning of hair turning finer ones is the alarm in this hair loss syndrome. This thinning precedes actual, gradual hair fall bringing upon premature aging symptoms. You have to take the cue, and start thinning hair women treatment rightly from that moment itself. Proper treatment can tackle the problem at its root, taking 2-3 months for observing the turnaround. For perceptible results, it takes 6 months-2 years.


The causes:

Hormones like Testosterone are essential for healthy body, hair, muscles and bones.   Enzymes optimize these hormones, occupy the tissue around the hair follicles turning testosterone into a thick Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). This results in its excess storing of DHT in the scalp causing swelling and obstructions to follicles in getting proteins, enzymes and hormones which are key to healthy hair and growth. Consequently, the hair becomes first weaker, thinner and then finer, followed by total withering and death of follicles.

Other factors are genetics, stress, some medications, some meats, fat, alcohol, tobacco, playing video games, and some body-building exercises. All the above constitute as hair loss in women causes.


Top 10 Hair Loss in Women Treatments:

Only scientific, natural solutions and diet improve hair re-growth. No instant cures, miracles or rhetorics are possible. Sustained treatment will yield results, and make you look youthful and handsome. For baldness, attacking at the root cause is a must.


One way of treating hair loss, regaining hair growth in women in particular, is to adopt herbal ways which are proved to be effective hair loss in women treatments natural. This approach is free from side effects giving lasting cure. Mostly, easily home-made, they prove very cost- effective and easy to use. A quick peek into a few top 10 methods is made here for those who are victims of hair loss.

  1. Amla oil use:

This is a sort of hair oil, and an effective hair tonic nurturing hair growth, which you can use daily for your hair. Its preparation is done by boiling dried amla fragments in coconut oil. Also, fresh amla juice and lime juice- both in equal measure- make a good shampoo, whose regular use serves great in hair loss treatment.

  1. Lettuce:

Prepare Lettuce and Spinach juices and mix them. A highly nutritious drink, it helps dispense hair fall, facilitating regrowth. Consuming half a litre per day is the recommended dosage.

3. Mustard oil with Henna leaves:

This makes a great oil as a hair nourisher. First nearly 250 ml of mustard oil is boiled in a tin bowl to which is incrementally added about 60 gms of henna leaves till the leaves become cooked.  Filter the contents using a cloth, and keep in a container. When you regularly massage your head and hair, it results in wonderful hair growth.

  1. Applying coconut milk:

Mature coconut shavings are ground and squeezed when good coconut milk is given out.

Daily application and massaging of your scalp and hair follicles gives you encouraging results.

  1. Treatment with onion and honey:

This especially works well for random areas of baldness. You have to rub onion on such areas on the head daily, both morning and evening till they turn red, followed by application of honey. This combination is known to yield marvellous results with sprouting hair growth.  You can also apply garlic clove and red onion weekly on the thinning hair. After keeping the hair wrapped overnight, washing it in the morning with shampoo will arrest thinning of hair.

  1. Curing with coconut oil and lime:

Refined coconut oil combined with lime juice and lime water makes effective hair oil. Its daily application on the hair prevents hair-loss, promoting long hairs.

  1. Using green coriander leaves:

Daily application of the juice prepared from green coriander leaves is also found to work wonders against hair loss.

  1. Black gram and fenugreek:

Applying a paste of cooked black gram and fenugreek, and then washing the head is beneficial facilitating growth of long hairs.

  1. Using castor oil:

Daily use of castor oil as hair oil is a simple, yet effective way in causing bushy hair growth.

10. Daily diet:

Your daily meals matters most for your healthy hair. It should be a balanced diet, containing all nutrients and vitamins in judicious mix and making a good hair loss in women treatment vitamins. Large amount of whole seeds, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables constitute this type of diet. Food supplements such as vegetable oils, honey, wheat germ, yeast and liver as part of the menu are also needed for furthering the hair growth process. All these are hence known as hair loss in women plus vitamin supplements.

Some other hair loss treatments and their results:

  1. Surgery and transplantation: this is an extreme, expensive, painful and risky option. Defective treatments may end up in further hair loss.
  2. Over the counter products such as Rogaine, Procerin and Propecia are expensive over time. Your hair also will fall off once you discontinue them. Side-effects occur in some cases, such as dizziness, Propecia (affecting enzymes), amnesia and stomach cramps.
  3. Hair loss-centres are anything except cheap. Results too are not effective.
  4. Treatments under Physicians are also expensive proving effective only for the duration of taking the medications.

So going natural is the best option for hair loss treatments.


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