No need to be panicky! Know why hair loss during pregnancy happens

Losing your hair is quite normal to everyone. It can happen while taking the morning bath or while blow drying the hair or during quick brushing of the hair. Everyone loses almost 50 to 100 hairs every day on an average and these are always compensated by the growing hair.

Hair grows in cycles. Ninety percent of the hair is always growing at any point of time and the balance ten percent stays in the resting phase when the resting period is over, the hair fall out and replaced by new strands. But when the balance between shedding and growing of hair is lost, thinning out of hair becomes predominant.

Can you loose hair during pregnancy?

Yes. It is the most common problem associated with pregnancy. Hair loss can happen due to many reasons during pregnancy. During pregnancy the body undergoes numerous hormonal changes and these changes jeopardize the hair growth cycle, resulting in telogen effluvium or the excessive hair shedding during pregnancy.

This article aims to highlight the top 5 causes for hair loss during pregnancy with some preventive measures.

Top 5 causes hair loss during pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy normal can happen due to the following reasons.

Hereditary hair loss due to Genetic Factors:

hair loss during pregnancyUnfortunately, genetic factors are responsible for thinning of hair. Hair loss due to genetic factors is known as androgenetic alopecia.  As there are dramatic hormonal changes during the pregnancy period, these along with genetic factors accelerate hair falling during pregnancy.

Hair loss due to hypothyroidism:

Most of the women suffer from problem of the thyroid. Hypothyroidism or decline in thyroid hormone production in the body may also increase during pregnancy due to the complex metabolic changes occurring during this period and can result excessive hair loss during pregnancy.

Hair lose due to Anemia:

The nutritional needs change during pregnancy to nurture the life growing inside. Anemia is very common health issue during pregnancy and many women suffer from this during the pregnancy period due to deficiency in iron. Anemia is also found to be one of the causes responsible for hair loss during pregnancy.

Hair loss due to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome:

Hormonal imbalances related to PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome can cause sufferers to lose scalp hair due to the overbearing influence of testosterone. Having PCOs is sometimes found to be responsible for hair falling out during pregnancy.

Hair loss due to illness and medication

Some illness like gestational diabetes also case falling of hair. Certain drugs for treating high blood pressure, anxiety and depression can also cause hair loss during pregnancy.

How to prevent hair loss?

Falling of hair during pregnancy is quite natural and can be controlled in natural ways; through in most of the cases the hair restores its original density after some time. Prevention of hair loss due to genetic factors needs professional help. Hair falling due to other causes can be controlled by going organic like using only natural and organic products for allergic skins. Following a healthy and balanced dietary plan with green leafy vegetables and fruits also help to nourish hair and thus prevent hair from thinning.

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