Hair Loss Vitamins – Pros and Cons

Hair loss flaw is one of the most common, very critical and severe problem faced by the people these days including the youngsters, mature and old people who are mostly targeted.

Hair Loss VitaminsPhysical stress

It is one of the major causes for the loosing of the hairs from the head. The physical stress is a kind of a physical trauma- surgery, accidents, illness and even a small problem can cause you the hair lose problem.

Just like there are many phases or stages of life, similarly there are the 3 different phases of hair life cycle which includes:

  1. A growth phase
  2. Rest phase
  3. Shedding phase

When you are in a stressful situation, kit shocks the cycle of the hair and pushes your hair towards the shedding phase.

Deficiency of vitamin D

Vitamin D is very crucial and important for the human health. Deficiency of vitamin D is one of the major flaw causing the different types of hair loss problem. When the sun changes the state of the special chemical present in the skin is converted into the vitamin D that is being further transformed into the active vitamin D. Vitamin D plays a very role in preventing the cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many more different problems. Vitamin D deficiency arises in the body due to the excessive sun exposure. ‘

Excessive intake of vitamin A

It is always said that everything in excess is very dangerous and harmful for the health of the human being.The too much of intake of the vitamin A that contains the supplements or medicines that accelerates the hair loss. Daily the vitamin A intake value for the adults should be 5000 IU per day and the value for the kidsupto 4 must be 2500-10000 IU.

Pros and cons of vitamins for men and women hair loss

It is truely said that men loses more hair than women due to the severe male pattern baldness.

The best hair loss and growth vitamins for men and women are :

Vitamin A:

Pro-It is essential for the production of the healthy sebum and prevents from the drying ofscalp.

Con – an overdose can cause damage to the hair and health both.

Vitamin B:

Pro – it is found in the hair care products by the name B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and B10 and vital point is, it must not be very effective when is directly applied on the scalp.

Con – products containing vitamin B are usually worthless.

Vitamin C:

Pro – it is vital for synthesis of collagen as without it hair cant exist and when taking vitamin C in your diet treats your hair.

Con – determination of the effectiveness of the vitamin C is very difficult.

Vitamin E:

Pro – it is very essential and necessary for the growth of hair and healthy skin.

Con – the overdose may result in toxic and results in hair loss.

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