Hair Loss Stress Is Fairly Treatable



Psychological and physical worry, anxiety, agony, and pressures of work and life – all bundled into one – constitute hair loss stress. In some cases, hair turns grey and fall. Irrespective of age and gender, it’s not taken kindly by people. Their self-pride, relationships and life, and confidence suffer a dent because of this.

Hair Loss Stress


The hair losers aspire for reversing the trend. In this, nature is inherently kind facilitating hair re-growth in two ways: one, it grows automatically once the contributing stress is removed; and two, it pops up again if you adopt some hair growth-inducing techniques. Both these are achievable in the case of youngsters and the not so aged. For the ripe and aged, it’s nature’s play and there’s no green-shoot for regrowing, barring exceptions.


Generic causes of hair loss stress include:


Thyroid malfunctioning linking primarily stress, depression and anxiety leading to physical and mental disorders; hormonal imbalances; medications including anti-depressants which are something like side-effects causing hair fall; scalp ailments such as psoriasis; physical stress leading to formation of braids in hair; lack of nutritions; cancer and genetics.


From the above, it can be seen that hair loss depression, also a kind of stress is one contributory factor. Its low thyroid activity and its medication like Prozac, are found linked to hair loss stress with hair fall blowbacks. When your medication is linked, you’ve but to consult your doctor for cure.


Though the above causes are common to both men and women, some women-centric diseases such as ovarian tumors, menopause, child birth and iron deficiency, coupled with stress –all called female hair loss stress- also add to the woes of women causing hair fall.


Broadly stress-related hair loss belongs to the following types.


(a) Alopecia Areata, where the immune system affects the hair follicles causing hair fall slightly, and largely in some cases; and this results in round patches of hair loss reaching to  baldness. Mostly regrowing occurs when the system is improved.

(b) Androgenetic Alopecia: Mostly seen in women with hair becoming thin at the top, front portion,  behind hairline with the back remaining thick. An enzyme is responsible for changing the male sex hormone testosterone into another hormone called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) making the hair follicles thin until they stop.

(c) Telogen effluvium is a type in which stress pushes the hair follicles into a dormant state arresting hair growth, triggering hair fall from the whole head; main causes are medication, stress, illness and  hormones. When treated, hair grows back mostly.

(d) Trichotillomania where, the person, driven by ennui, depression, stress and anxiety, pulls out his own hair from head and even other parts as a way of coping with his stress

More about Telogen effluvium: This hair fall occurs not as we think immediately during a stress period. It depends upon hair’s resting period which happens every three years, lasting for 3 months before commencing regrowing. During this dormant state, when aggravated by stress, unusually large quantity falls off making the hair look thinner. The hair fall may onset quicker and continue longer due to this.

Hair loss stress reversible: When diagnosis confirms stress as the reason behind hair loss, studies aver regrowing is achievable with medications, diets, exercises and yoga. Only thing to be satisfied is that the follicles should remain intact.

Hair loss stress grow back:

This is nothing but hair growing back after hair fall due to stress. The key question is, “Is it possible?” Yes, it’s achievable to some extent. Herbal and natural products have an edge over others.TrichoZed is one herbal product obtainable directly from the manufacturer. An FDA approved item, it’s found to work well for some.

In this, herbal treatments, medications and Homeopathy stimulate blood circulation, strengthening follicles and promoting hair growth.

Herbs used for this are Rosmarinus officinale, Xanthoxylum and Ginkgo biloba, Avena sativa, Equisatum avense, and Echinacea, while medications include antibiotics, Medications include antibiotics and steroid injections. For acute conditions, surgeries (transplants) and skin grafts may be the answer.

Hair loss stress remedies are too many. Some of them are detailed here for ready reference.

A mixture of apple cider vinegar and saga tea, a sulphur content medicine, eggs plus water, and lemon juice with black tea, and olive oil are all effective remedies to prevent hair loss.

But as a general rule, for any hair loss stress, the remedy lies, aside from taking medications, in doing exercises, taking protein-rich nutritious diets  and enough rest. Rogaine, an over- the- counter product, is useful for some when applied to your scalp. Finasteride is found more beneficial for men. But all these are but temporary, and for lasting results prolonged treatment under a doctor’s care is a must.

Apart from physical and muscle relaxation exercises such as progressive tightening and releasing of muscles, yoga exercises including deep breathing (minimum 8 times a day) also will relieve you from hair fall.

Using conditioners and moisturizers: Apply a quality hair conditioner on the hair ends, soak for 10 minutes and then wash off. Trimming the ends periodically also helps as split ends are known to obstruct growth. Protect your hair from the sun. Take in copious water along with protein-rich food (hair is made of protein) such as meat and peanut butter. And daily or alternate day’s cleaning prevents hair loss in the long run.


Another way is to do general massaging or oil massaging by using lavender, bay essential oil mixed with almond or sesame oil which fosters blood circulation, keeping your hair follicles active and inducing hair re-growth. Vitamin E also does this job, while vitamin A, an anti-oxidant aids in sebum production in the scalp for the same purpose. Vitamin B rich in melanin helps in proper hair color, also rekindling blood circulation. These are thus known to be hair loss stress vitamins.



Patting your scalp using garlic, ginger or onion juice (not combined) also helps in prompting hair growth.


Automatic regrowth is assured when the hair follicles are not yet damaged and once the hormonal imbalance is treated. Research says that hair loss due to anaemia, weight, diet, child birth, cancer treatment and thyroid problems are temporary and regrowth is assured, once these are tackled


But genetic hair loss is one phenomenon where follicles become smaller and thinner until they stop totally presenting a thinned hair or a bald head. This is highly damaging, causing a psychological distress.












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