5 Hair Loss Reasons For Men

It seems like hair problem has become a trend nowadays. Before it used to be associated mostly with women, but now even men have a lot of hair loss problems. Most of the reason for this is the lifestyle. Poor staying and working conditions add to the problem. Hair loss reasons can be many like stress, poor diet, smoke etc.

hair loss reasonsTop 5 Hair loss reasons

  • The first as foremost reason for hair loss for male is due to poor diet. What gets inside the body is what we actually are. If we do not get the nutrition and other important stuffs then be least assured that you are going to bald sooner or later. Many people go on a very strict diet to lose weight but in that process they do not have a balanced diet and in such a process they end up losing hair or becoming bald. A diet which contains most junk items is also a strict no no if you do not want to bald. Try to have fresh fruits and vegetables and more of protein rich food as protein helps to grow hair.
  • Another major reason is the growing amount of people who are smoking especially men. This is the main reasons for hair loss in men under 30. As soon as they start working they tend to start smoking to relieve the so called stress which further adds to the hair loss problem. The hair follicles require oxygen to grown. When they do not get that they tend to grow slow. Initially smoking will not affect but later on smoking can restrict the flow of blood to the hair follicles.
  • One important hair loss reason is pollution which has gone off the limits in cities nowadays. Just like the problem with smoking, the problem of pollution is interrelated. The pollution affects the protein formation i.e. keratin in the hair which leads to weaker hair. Weaker hairs tend to fall off easily. If your partner is a smoker then you can be exposed to pollution inside the house also.
  • Coming to a very important reason for hair loss in men under 25is stress. This is more in the western world. Many people start having the problem of stress since their early teens due to studies in school and colleges and few others develop this after joining work. Due to stress body produces hormones which results in temporary hair loss, however there is no guarantee that it will overturn.
  • Another reason for hair loss can be exposure to sun. Now you must be wondering that people say sun is good for the bones etc. as it helps in producing vitamin D, but there are a few dangers too. The sun makes the hair dry and brittle which causes split ends. Dry and brittle hair will eventually break and fall. When going on a beach to take a sun bath, make sure to cover your head with a hat.
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