Yoga Fitness Benefits and Advantages and Disadvantages of Yoga

It is now universally recognized that yoga increases flexibility of body on one hand and reduces stress on the others. It is not merely a tool for getting a shapely body but is much more than that. In fact; the yoga fitness benefits includes flexibility of body as well as improvement of mind and thus the yoga renders double benefits for the performer.

Top Five Yoga Fitness Benefits

If one looks at the top five yoga fitness benefits then the following will assume the premier position in the list of advantages.

  • Excellent booster of immunization powers in the human anatomy.
  • Both yoga exercise and the yoga meditation benefits include mental as well as physical improvements of the performer.
  • Finding inner peace and therefore getting better sleep in the process.
  • Yoga performances ease migraine considerably.
  • It will help boost sexual capabilities and performances.

How these Advantages are Generated

Yoga Fitness BenefitsBasic advantage of yoga practices is that it changes the expression in gene and thereby boosts the immunity status of the cells. The time taken is not very long either. In addition; this is a way of increasing the overall health. According to an expert “as you breathe better, move better, and circulate better, all the other organs function better”. Creating great circulation of blood and sweating better the performer gets immense yoga fitness benefits. For people who consistently suffer from migraine, the reasons often are combination of mental stress with physical exhaustion.

Yoga relaxes the mind and also takes care of the physical exhaustion thereby relieving people of the stress factors and subsiding migraine. Moreover, just 12 weeks of yoga performance can immensely improve sexual capabilities as well as desires. The results are same for both men and women. It can develop the pelvic floor muscles and together the breathing as well as the mind controlling activities can improve overall sexual performances. With stress removed, the performer will sleep better and will learn exactly how to relax. But the best advantage of yoga practicing is that it curbs the food craving in the person concerned. This would be great for weight loss and fat burning and extremely beneficial for people suffering from overweight and fat accumulation problems.

Pros and Cons of Yoga

In order to realize the yoga fitness benefits in the right perspective, one has to understand also the advantages and disadvantages of yoga. Without semblance of doubts yoga has proved better than many of its counterparts like gymnastics, athletics, aerobics, and any other form of exercises. Yoga can be practiced round the year and there is no specific time or place for practicing it. While yoga can be practiced by all age groups, some techniques are not suitable after a specific age.

However practicing yoga for short time for huge fat burning could be a futile exercise. The other disadvantage is practicing yoga without the help of a trained teacher at least initially; can lead to disastrous results.

Yet when viewed comprehensively, the yoga fitness benefits will usually outweigh the disadvantages of performing yoga.

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