Do you want to achieve fitness after 60?

When people turn 60 or older, they usually have this idea in their mind that they have become quite old and should become slow. Obviously they cannot be just like they were in their 20s or 30s but then they need not think that they have become old and cannot do things which they like. Getting old does not means you cannot be active or need to be in bed and rest or sleep the whole day long. It is believed that only about 30 per cent of people who turn 60 exercise and keep themselves fit. In many countries the numbers are further low.

fitness after 60

Now this is a mentality which needs to be rooted out that senior citizens are slow people and eventually will be sick.

Top 5 tips for fitness after 60

Getting fit after 60 is not that tough job as people think it to be. Obviously it needs a bit of hard work but eventually the hard work will pay off in the later ages when you see that others are suffering from bone problems and you are walking perfectly fine.

  • Follow your passion: for most people passion would be some outdoor activity like gardening, horse riding etc. Carry on with these stuffs. Don’t be at your home thinking someone has passes away. Enjoy your life and do what you feel like doing as it is your retirement age. Many people love doing yoga and exercises which they did not get time to do during their busy office schedule. Well nothing can be better than that to maintain fitness after 60.
  • Do something for the society: After 60 it is important that you do not spend all your time at home. Instead go out and help people. Maybe join an NGO. Mild activity and work will keep your mind and body staying fit after 60. If you are good at something then you can try teaching those things to other people around you.
  • Get engaged in a sport: Another way to getting fit after 60is to get into the sport of your choice. Since it is a physical activity you will get the exercise you need for the body. With a bit of good physical effort you will be able to sleep well in the night too. Most people after 60 complain of not being able to sleep, so getting a good exercise after 60 will solve the sleeping problem too.
  • Doing weight training is important as it tones up your muscles. Once you start getting older your muscle starts becoming loose and as a result your skin sags too. One way to achieve fitness over 60 is to hit the gym or even get a few weights and start working out at home.
  • As mentioned above weight training is important so is cardio. Getting a dog to be your companion works wonders if you want to achieve fitness after 60. Not only can dogs make you run, but they are great stress busters too and moreover they will keep you engaged throughout the day.
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