3 Best Fitness Tracker To Keep You Fit

Here is a good news for the technosavi’s, lets find out the new secret to good health and comeliness. In the world of digitalization, now the fitness can be gauged digitally in the form of fitness tracking devices. The fitness tracker is a health measuring gadget that has been carved and brought into existence in accordance to the convenience and the satisfaction of the end users.

Today majority of the people are the true fitness enthusiasts and are conscious about their health and fitness. These trackers adds on to the robustness and the strength of those who wills to stay on the tracks while working out or doing some other special practices like races and many more. These are not obstructed only to the marathons  but also useful for the casual users who just wait for the nudge to blow off their couch.

These fitness trackers are not the big machineries that are mostly showcased in any one corner of the home instead, it is a wearable wristband that is not just a band but very much more and even beyond that. This band is a most accessible technical tool of the health and fitness department that has emerged as the sleek, smart and fashionable wristband tracker device.


There are ample of fitness tracking devices in the health and fitness quark. The indicative features that should be in the fitness trackers that makes it best amongst all other devices.

  • It minimises the durability of the workout session by tracking the exact amount of calories burned, steps taken and also your sleeping quality.
  • The best tracker must promote the healthy living.
  • It must be produced and designed by keeping in view the comfort level of the end users.
  • The device look should enthral the adorability of the lass and must add on to the lad’s charm.


There are copious of fitness tracker products that are manufactured by many prominent and leading organizations like Samsung, Microsoft and many more. Here we have reviewed about the top three trackers for you that are leading all the other devices. The names and the pertinent details of the same have been mentioned below:


best fitness tracker

‘Flex’ is the wireless activity and sleep wristband and fitness can be made a lifestyle with it. This is a sleek, stylish and smarter device that can be with you from dawn to dusk. During daytime, this device monitors the daily exercise  and tracks the steps, distance, calories burned and more whereas during the night time, this device estimates the quality of your sleep and helps you to wake mutely and tension freely in the morning.

It glances at the food intake and your weight in order for managing all the facets of your health. Flex is one of the most accurate device and very unique in design. This is tiny and sleek device that is as long as your thumb and arrives with a long and a small band. This is a silicone band which causes no difficulty and hindrance in between the use. The device provides the good battery backup and is water resistant but not waterproof.

If you want to lose your weight the ‘flex’ is a great choice to help you attain your goal.


best fitness tracker

The fitness trackers proves to be perplexed, awkward and inelegant in use sometimes but this device is the most pertinent option. The X-factor about this device is that it is very convenient as it contains a small OLED display screen that instructs you about your progress of your daily statistics and is compatible with both iOS and the android phones.

It calculates the steps taken, stairs climbed, calories burned and distance travelled by you. Other important function that it plays is that this device estimates the quality of your sleep and calculates how many times you woke up throughout the night time.

This device has a very exclusive and sassy look which is fitted inside a clip which can be attached onto a belt or a pocket. This device is fitted in the wristband only during the night time in order to measure the quality of your sleep.


best fitness tracker

Withings pulse 02 is one of the most popular fitness tracking device that monitors your fitness with the withings pulse 02. The exclusive feature of this device is that it tracks the blood oxygen and heart rates with the help of its sensors that supports you to gauge your overall fitness.

This device is very convenient and comfortable to wear as it is thin and light and works with both the belt and the wristband.  The X –factor about this device is that it sustains a long lasting battery life and contains a touch screen along with the easy-to-use app, these are some extra features makes it different from the other tracking devices.

The sensors that monitors your fitness lies on the back of the device and the back covers up sensors when you put up the device in the band. It’s sensors functions effectively and efficiently when you are not in motion.

Be your own kind of beautiful by using these fitness trackers as it adds on to your beauty. Put your best fitness tracking device forward and stay close to health and fitness.

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