One must know the colon cleanse myths for following a better health regime

What is colon cleanse myth?

colon cleanse myths

Colon cleansing includes number of alternate therapies that are based on the belief that due to bad food habits and irregular lifestyles coupled with lack of physical activities, toxins tend to accumulate in intestinal tract and colon. The concept that food particles enters the colon and needs cleansing has appeared in the history colon cleanse long back. The ancient Egyptians and Greeks also believed that toxins are formed due to decomposition within the intestine. But as per the modern medical science no scientific background could be found to support the belief and as such the regulatory authorities in some countries are using different methods to prevent colon cleanse or at least discourage the same.

How colon cleansing is done?

As pre the colon cleanse treatment procedure colon can be cleansed in three ways; that is through selective diets, change in life style and in some cases through colon irrigation. Eating more fibers, drinking plenty of water and taking fermented foods can help to increase bowel movement and clean the colon. One can also resort to more physical activities, may take laxatives and cleansing supplements for cleaning colon. Application of hydrotherapy also helps to cleanse the colon well by driving the waste material out that may not be removing effectively under normal circumstances. In this therapy large volume of water is allowed to flow into the colon through a sterile catheter inserted into the rectum to stimulate the peristaltic motion of the body and the water is released with fecal matters washing the colon.

The 10 colon cleanse myths

The following are the main colon cleanse myths that have general acceptance amongst the populace.

  1. Colon cleansing pulls toxins out of the blood

Liver and kidney are the two major organs that help to neutralize toxins in body through stool and urine. When these do not function well the natural detoxification process of the body gets hampered and as per the colonic myth this can be rejuvenated by colon cleansing that improves bowel movement for better health.  Colon cleansing strengthens the peristaltic activity in the colon and also improves the elimination of waste materials from it.

  1. Colon Cleansing washes accumulated stool

Colon cleansing helps to wash away the stool that stay adhered to the lining of the colon resulting buildup of toxic waste. It is believed that old stool tend to stick to the colon walls leading to various health and therefore cleansing of colon is necessary for removing these toxic substances from the body. Chronic constipation can also result in slow digestive response, thus allowing the wastes to stay in the system for a longer period. This increases the probability of having hemorrhoids and varicose veins. Colon cleansing also helps to control these.

  1. Colon cleansing improves the immune system

A clean colon help to absorb only water, vitamins and nutrients into the bloodstream and do not releases, toxins and bacteria through the colon walls. When it is detoxified, it allows absorption of nutrients into the body without any obstruction. Moreover, cleansing of colon also enhances the overall immunity system of the body by driving out the toxic substances. The colon cleansers contain detoxifying agents and also include minerals and vitamins, probiotics and herbal extracts that help to boost immunity up. The liver cleanse myth talks about chemical wastes in liver and calls for immediate removal of the toxic substances.

  1. Colon cleansing helps to flush out the impurities.

Most of the nutrients of the food are absorbed into the body through the small intestine before it reaches the colon. It then includes mainly water, waste products and toxic substances that need to be removed. When the natural flushing system is impaired colon cleanser helps to remove this from the body improving the immunity system. The master cleanse myth suggests to drink only water, lemon juice, maple syrup etc for detoxifying the body.

  1. Colon cleansing helps to loose weight easily.

Foods that contain fewer fibers are slow in moving through the digestive tract than those rich in fibers. The slow moving foods generate excess mucus that adheres to the intestinal walls bringing it down with decaying fecal substances. A normal human colon weighs about four pounds when empty and has the capacity to hold up to eight day’s meals before digesting the same. Colon cleansing methods clears the bowel most effectively and helps to reduce obesity and expedite weight loss effortlessly by kick starting the metabolism.

  1. Colon cleansing results glowing skin.

As colon functions more effectively due to regular colon cleansing, the toxic substances are flushed out regularly. As per the detox myth since there is no removal of toxins through the skin, it looks smooth, radiant and glowing.

  1. Colon cleansing helps to have a radiant body

When the toxic substances are released from the body there is an excess of energy that was earlier used for digesting foods and elimination of waste products. This excess energy is now used for promoting health and healing to have a radiant body.

  1. Colon cleansing removes auto-intoxication

It is believed that the undigested meat products and other food particles when accumulates in the colon it causes build up of mucus. Such mucus formation results in toxin production that enters the blood stream and poisons the body. Regular colon wash helps to prevent such situation.

  1. Colon cleansing generates healthy digestive system

When the colon is cleansed, the undigested waste are pushes through the system, paving the way for absorption of good nutrient.  A clean colon does not allow undigested waste to be stagnant making the body a breeding ground for bacteria and illness.

10. Reduces the risk of colon cancer

The toxins one takes through eating, drinking, breathing and also be absorbing through the skin are processed by the liver and the gastrointestinal system. If these are not flushed out as fast as possible, these can damage the body system. By regular colon washing the risk of polyps, cysts and malignant growth automatically gets reduced.

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