Foods and Drinks Included in Colon Cleanse Diet

Most of us experience problems like body odor, bad odor breath, urination problem, infection in uterus/ kidney/ bladder, acidity, etc. These problems occurs because of problem in colon. These problems works as a alarm for colon cleansing. This can be done with adopting colon cleanse diet.

Why to Change Diet for Colon Cleansing?

Colon (large intestine) works as our “Energy Centre”, fuel to different body parts is distributed from here. Large intestine manages waste material in our body. It has been believed that most of disease starts form our digestive system. As, proper working colon efficiently works whereas an infectious and clogged colon can leave the toxins in the blood, to pollute the whole immune system. Thus, it is necessary to make colon cleanse diet plan.

When intestine works properly, then all the nutrients in the food gets absorbed leaving behind water, bile acid, bacteria, non- soluble fiber and other things. That makes our bowel movement fast but when such movements are extremely slow then that leaves behind bacteria and toxins gets absorbed.

List of Top 5 Colon Cleanse Diet

Eating right food at right time in correct amount can be helpful. Colon cleanse detox diet can be some nutritious foods. Some of the things work as a good colon cleanse diet are mentioned in this article.


colon cleanse dietApples are rich in fiber and a good dietary food. Their are several forms through which you can intake it like apple juice, apple slices, vinegar, sauce or jam. Apples have sufficient amount of “pectin”. It is a carbohydrate compound that fights against the toxins in large intestine.


Avocados are one of the colon cleanse detox diet. It helps in digestion and detoxification of all the toxins in the body. It has soluble and non-soluble fibers that are good for colon. It helps in making bowel movement easy.

Chia and Flax Seed:

Both the seeds have good amount of nutrition, fat, fiber and omega-3. It helps in good digestion. It has high amount of soluble fiber that cleans-up colon.

Green and Leafy Vegetables:

Leafy vegetables are good for health. These vegetables helps in proper digestion and regular consumption promotes proper cleaning of colon. Spinach, cabbage, celery, etc helps in detoxifying.


Drinking clean water at regular basis keeps our colon hydrated. Hydration helps in proper working of colon or without sufficient water dosage, problems like acidity occurs.

Colon Cleanse Diet Recipes

Green Juice:

Green JuiceThis is vegetable juice. This is one of the good and healthy colon cleanse weight loss drink. For this you need 6 carrots and kale leaves, 4 stalks of celery, 4 beets, 2 turnip, 1 cabbage and onion, 1 stock of parsley and spinach, 4 garlic cloves. Mix all and blend them with some water.


Colon cleanse lemonade diet is one of the famous, easy and mostly recommended drink. For this ‘Master Cleanse’ drink you need 4 spoon lemon juice and maple syrup, 1/5 spoon of Cayenne pepper and add 16 ounce of clean water. With this colon cleanse lose weight drink you can detoxify your liver.

Dandelion Hot Tea:

For this home colon cleanse diet drink you need you need 6 tbps of fresh leaves of dandelion, 3 tbps of 1 year old root and 2 cup hot water.

Ginger Drink:

4 ounce of apple juice and 1/2 tbps each of ginger and psyllium husk (pwd) are mixed together and drink. Now you need to drink somewhat 8-10 glass water to drink. This will help in proper functioning.

Cranberry Drink:

Cranberry juice helps in urination problem. Mix 1 oz of cranberry juice and 4 oz water with 1 tbps each of psyllium and pectin (apple).

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