Different Colon Cleanse Types of Remedies

The colon that is situated at the end of the digestive tract extracts salt and water from the solid wastes just prior to its elimination from the body. The major ingredients of the food are absorbed by the small intestine and the remaining water, salt, fat soluble vitamins and potassium are absorbed by the colon. The absorption is facilitated by the biological bacteria that are present in the organ. While performing the action, the colon absorbs some harmful chemicals and toxins. These should be removed from our bodies to avoid digestion problems and illness. The process of eliminating the toxins from our bodies is known as colon cleansing. Colon hydrotherapy, enemas, herbal supplements, laxatives and oxygen based cleaners are some colon cleanse types, but the best way is to use natural colon cleanse methods ensure the retention of the digestive bacteria in the colon to ensure its effective functioning.

Colon Cleanse Types

  • Effective colon cleanser
  • Selecting the cleanser
  • Colon cleanse home remedy
  • Colon cleanse diet

Oxy Power- One of the effective colon cleanse types

Oxy powder is a good and effective colon cleanser. The power of oxygen is utilized in oxy powder to eliminate the toxins and harmful chemicals from the colon. The oxygen facilitates the development of positive aerobic commensals inside the intestines that acts as a source of Vitamin B complexes. Oxy powder capsules can be taken daily.

Selecting the cleanser from different colon cleanse types

Pay attention to the ingredients of the cleanser when you select it. Gather information from the colon cleanse types reviews on blogs of health forums and know about the manufacturers who allow users to review their products in an unbiased manner.

Colon cleanse recipe

The detoxification properties of Aloe Vera can be used as a laxative. About 400 grams of mature aloe Vera leaves are split in two halves and the gel removed and collected in bowl. This is blended with the juice of some citrus fruits and cooled in a refrigerator for two hours. Peristaltic movement of the colon can be improved using Senna, which is a flowering plant. 7 oz. of senna and 7 oz. of white sultana raisins are boiled in water separately till it steams. The liquids are then mixed and after adding pose extract and boiled water, it is preserved in bottles.

Cleansing diet

Have fruits for breakfast and remember that Starches (carbohydrates) should not be mixed with proteins in any meal. Fluid intake should be half of your body weight in ounces per day.

The above colon cleanse types of remedies will definitely help you to attain best result.

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