What Is Colon Cleanse?

Some people suffer from constipation, kidney and bladder infections, body odor, bad breath, abdominal cramps or toe and finger nail fungus. This is because of unhealthy colon and you need to go for colon cleanse. Most of the diseases originate from colon. It is the common site for cancer, which most of the people suffer from, as per the survey.

colon cleanseThe large intestine is the waste management system and fueling station of our body. A clean and healthy colon efficiently eliminates toxin from the body. An unhealthy and clogged large intestine helps toxins to act on the liver and blood streams, thus polluting the entire system of the body. Water is squeezed out and absorbed from food remnants in colon and leaving behind bacteria, non-digestible fibers cells and bile acids that are discarded from the intestinal wall. If bowel movement is slow, harmful fungi and bacteria proliferate in the system and release toxins. You should eat colon cleanse food to keep your colon in healthy position.

The following colon cleanse tips will help you to lead a healthy and happy life

  • Fiber as colon cleanse recipe ingredient
  • Green food
  • Water as colon cleanse weight loss remedy
  • Fermented food

Fiber as colon cleanse recipe

Fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds and whole grains are rich sources of fiber. A colon cleanse diet rich in fiber helps in building a healthy digestive tract by removing debris from colon. Fiber keeps intestine active by stimulating peristalsis movement, thus decreasing the bowel transit time. Fiber helps in retaining moisture of colon and softens the stool. You should take homemade colon cleanse diets containing soluble as well as insoluble fiber. Insoluble fiber helps in preventing constipation.

Green food

colon cleanse dietYou should take colon cleanse diet like alfalfa, barley grass, wheatgrass, spirulina and blue-green algae rich in chlorophyll content. Apart from cleaning, chlorophyll heals and soothes damaged tissues of digestive tract. It helps body in drawing more oxygen and eliminates toxin form the body if you take homemade colon cleanse diet.

Fermented food

Have colon cleanse recipe like curd, containing useful bacteria. These bacteria synthesize vitamins from food remnants, improve immune system and check the growth of harmful bacteria.

Water for colon cleanse

Drink plenty of water to avoid constipation. Water also detoxifies your body and acts as a remedy for colon cleanse weight loss.

Follow these simple tips for colon cleanse. Lead a healthy and happy life by practicing colon cleansing.

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