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sleeping pills safe

Are sleeping pills are safe? Use Cautiously

There are several people who have become habituated to the use of sleeping pills. They consider it to be one of the best ways to get over the anxiety and…

Sleep Apnea

What Is Sleep Apnea? And How to treat it?

Sleep apnea is one of the chronic sleep disorders i.e. characterized by pause or reduction of airflow (breathing) whilst sleeping. It is found most commonly amongst adults and rare in…

Natural Sleep Remedies

Top Ten Natural Sleep Remedies for Addressing Insomnia

Sleeplessness or insomnia is a common feature in lives of numerous men and women in the modern stressful life. Such state could have major adverse effects on health as well…

Tips for Sound Sleep

Tips for Sound Sleep During Night Time

Sleep is one of the most important necessities of our life. A sound sleep in the night rejuvenates your energy and makes you fresh and healthy. A disturbed sleep will…

sleep deprivation

Study the Causes of Sleep deprivation

Sleep is one of the basic necessities for any human being to survive in this world without any other health issues. Sleep deprivation in the night will have a negative…