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how to deal with scars

How To Deal With Scars?

Acne is a skin inflammation, which affects many people. People may fall prey to acne regardless of age. According to a survey, it has been found that many teenagers become…

main causes of scars on face

List Of Top 10 main causes of scars on face

10 main causes of scars on face 1. Rolling scars are very common acne scars on face for many individuals. It looks same as a padded sheet or like an…

Atrophic Scar Treatment

Look Beautiful With Atrophic Scar Treatment

What is an Atrophic Scar? Atrophic Scars are usually caused by skin condition like acne, insect bites, chicken pox etc. After these conditions, the skin starts repairing itself and in…

keloid scars

How To Treat Keloid Scars Effectively

Undauntedly the keloid scars are quite often cause embarrassment to the patients. Though considered as harmless but are benign to a large extent. ¬†Many times the keloid scars itchy sensation…

kind of scars

How to treat Different kinds of Scars

Scars are formed if tissues are considerably damaged and repaired. It can happen as a part of any disease process or by poorly controlled wounds. There are home remedies for…