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colon cleanse myths

One must know the colon cleanse myths for following a better health regime

What is colon cleanse myth? Colon cleansing includes number of alternate therapies that are based on the belief that due to bad food habits and irregular lifestyles coupled with lack…

colon cleanse diet plan

What is the need colon cleanse diet plan?

Large intestine are also called colon, is an important part of our body. In one word you can call it waste manager. The condition of your colon will decide the…

Green Juice

Foods and Drinks Included in Colon Cleanse Diet

Most of us experience problems like body odor, bad odor breath, urination problem, infection in uterus/ kidney/ bladder, acidity, etc. These problems occurs because of problem in colon. These problems…

Natural Colon Cleanse

Effective Methods of Natural Colon Cleanse

It is essential that you carefully watch out for certain symptoms that throws light on hidden unhealthy situations of your colon that requires natural colon cleanse – Bad breath Kidney…

Colon Cleanse Types

Different Colon Cleanse Types of Remedies

The colon that is situated at the end of the digestive tract extracts salt and water from the solid wastes just prior to its elimination from the body. The major…