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beauty tips for teens

Glowing presence are not gifted! Be attractive with the beauty tips for teens!

The teens see the world with their eyes in a different form.  The surroundings, the people, and everything appear to be beautiful as has never been before. They enter a…

Natural Homemade Beauty Products

Top 10 Natural Homemade Beauty Products Recipes

Blue Berry Yogurt mask Take 10 to 15 blue berries in bowl and add 1 to 2 table spoons of Greek yogurt and mash the yogurt and the blue berries…

how to apply eyeshadow

How To Apply Eye Shadow – The Right Way To Make Your Eyes More Attractive

Brown eyes are very common and a variety of eyeshadow’s can be tried for brown eyes to highlight them.There are a multitude of colors that can be used as per…

Mascara Tips

How to Use Mascara in Keeping the Eyes Glow and Sparkle?

When it comes to makeup foundation mascara as well as lipstick is considered to be the common most foundation solution that is available in this great planet. Undoubtedly mascara always…

makeup skin care

Does Makeup Damage your Beauty?

Makeup skin care can make the below average look good, good looks can be made better and beautiful looks can be converted to splendid. However, incorrect use of cosmetic skin…