Top 6 Lower Abs Workout

People are becoming health conscious:

With the passage of time people have started to be more health conscious. With more and more people getting over weighted, the demand for various exercises is becoming very popular. Starting from sit-ups to push ups, to lower abs exercises, people are seen doing such activities more and more, especially lower abs workouts. This is one of the reasons why gyms are so popular today. People have started realizing that working for days and nights are fine and all, but if the body is not fit and function ready, then the work efficiency also gets hampered. They have realized that a fit body is the key to working for long hours.

Home exercising:

Many people are also seen bringing various exercising contraptions at their homes  where they can do their pus ups, biceps, carb muscle workout and lower abs workout at home. They are people who like to keep their body fit but unfortunately do not get the sufficable time to do their exercises. Hence they have made a spare room their fitness training center where they do their workouts whenever they get free time.

About Lower abs workout:

Now coming to the topic of our discussion which is lower abs workouts! To be honest they are very important in keeping the body fit but only if they are performed properly.  There are various lower abs workout exercises which are applicable for both men and women but before going ahead to discuss about all the various forms of lower abs workout bodybuilding or in other words lower abs workout exercises, this is to inform the readers that they take time and only if done regularly can the results be displayable. The time differs from person to person. Some takes 3-4 months while some take an entire year, so just kick out any such implications about time limits because there are no fixtures or guarantees. The only thing which one needs to keep in mind while performing such lower abs exercises is that it should be done with dedication and perseverance! Then only will you be able to get the body structure which you desire.

Here is some of the top lower abs exercises which is useful for getting good abs:

lower abs workoutAbs- pulse ups– This is among the easier lower abs workout bodybuilding. This is also one of the common exercises for men and women. The rules are to lie flat on the ground or a bench and place those hands behind the head to attain a deep stretch. Tighten those cores and raise the legs to form a 90 degree angle. This is the starting point, then slowly squeeze the butts and the lower abs and employ the hips to exert the legs upwards. This the what is known as the pulse. Remember not to bend the legs, stay there for 5-6 seconds then gradually descend allowing the but to touch the surface of the bench or floor. Repeat the pulse and after increasing the sets one can also use a dumbbell in between the legs to elevate the weight slightly, but only if you are comfortable.

image002Reverse crunches: This is again an eminent workout. The steps are to lie flat on the ground with the legs shaped like a table top. If on top of the bench put those arms under the head and without any movement of the upper back forcibly contract the lower abs. Raising the butt, pull those knees towards the head. As soon as they reach up to the chest pause for 5 seconds and then fall back again. Do this in a set of about 15-20 and increase the weight if necessary.

Hanging leg risingHanging leg rising– This is again very popularly done by both men and women. The steps are to hang yourself from a solid bar used for pull up till shoulder. While keeping the back in a straightforward position contact those abs and gradually lift up those legs till they appear parallel to the ground surface without swinging or moving. Stay in that position for 5 seconds and go back to normal. Repeat it in a set of about 15-20 and slowly as you do this more often, you will find that the legs are getting higher. This signifies that the abs are getting stronger and better.

Captain’s chairCaptain’s chair-Another regular specimen in many gyms! The steps are to employ a dip machine, put those hands tightly on those pads keeping the body in a straight position. Then forcibly contract the abs and pull the thighs towards the body preferably the chest area. Tighten up the machine and hold the shape for about 2-3 seconds and then slowly fall back. Repeat the dose in a set of about 15-20 sets.

image005V-hold position– One of the most preferable abs exercise! Most women and men are seen doing this dose even as lower abs workout at home. The steps are to lie down on the ground completely flat. Then put both arms at the side and gradually push those torso at about 45 degree angle so to form a V shape. Keep those legs straight and maintain strong body posture for the entire exercise. This is also doable on top of benches, with the feet up attached to a rod and the body down in a sloping posture. Then with force lift the body by contacting those abs. The more the body bends the more stronger the abs will become.

Exercise ball jackknivesExercise ball jackknives– A very common form of abs workout among the two sexes! The steps are to put those feet on top of a Swiss exercising ball and then totally stretch the forearms to form a push up stance. Contract those abs and draw in those lower abs rolling the ball towards the hips. Take the ball in till those quads are inclined or perpendicular to the ground surface. Hold the posture for about 5 minutes and then go back to normal. Repeat it in a set of about 15-20.

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