Top 5 Body Muscle Building Foods for You

People who are interested to gain more muscle mass have to take care of their diet and that means they have to find out food foods for muscle growth. There are many people who try hard to gain the benefits of muscle growth and for this they indulge in hard workout but they forget about the most important thing in the process, nutrition. It goes without saying that nutrition is one of the most important aspects for building up a muscular lean and trim body.

Body Muscle Building Foods After Workout

It is after workout that one would need nutritious food to compensate for the loss of tissues and mass in the body. Therefore it would be necessary finding out the best muscle building foods after workout. Using muscle building foods for the purpose would help train smart and get the best benefits of the workout for muscle building. So here are the best five foods for muscle building.

Lean Beef

Lean BeefLean beef is very conducive for muscle building and is one of the best foods for muscle building foods for skinny guys. The reason is that it contains all the ingredients that will help muscle building and at the same time it will not add fat contents to the body. When a person consumes three ounces of lean beef he or she will intake only 154 calories but no less than ten very important nutrients like iron, zinc, vitamin B and others. It will also provide protein equivalent to available in 1.5 cups of bean while the calorie intake is only half of it.

Chicken without SkinChicken without Skin

Like lean beef, skinless chicken also ranks very high on the muscle building foods list. This is a food which is high in protein contents and can help muscle repair in an excellent manner. In addition; it will help improve the bone health and ideal weight and the meat can be quickly cooked.

Cottage Cheese

Cottage CheeseSince cottage cheese contains pure casein proteins it is one of the best muscle building foods for teenagers who are trying to build up muscles. People who cannot stay longer without food can resort to this product which is low in calories and high in protein. Among nutrients cottage cheese contains B12, calcium, and such other nutrients.





Eggs are one of the best foods for muscle building as it contains high quality protein and also nine essential amino acids. Chorine as well as the right kind of fat and vitamin D. It is not harmful for health and is always good for muscle building.


Body Muscle Building Foods


Tuna and such other fishes are high in protein, low in fat and rich in omega-3 fatty acids which are the key to muscle building.

However, every muscle building aspirants should know about muscle building foods to avoid which might lead them into trouble instead of helping muscle building.

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