Bodybuilding Protein and its Importance

The bodybuilding protein is a vital ingredient of any body building regime. The success of a bodybuilder will depend to a great extent on the daily protein intake. Bodybuilding protein along with a balanced diet of all nutrients and vitamins form the complete nutritional package for any body builder. Since body muscles constitutes of 60%-70% proteins, it is very important for body builders to replenish greater quantities of proteins and more frequently, as proteins cannot be stored. For body builders, whey proteins and casein proteins are most popular. Many natural foods, that are inexpensive too contain high level of proteins and can keep fats and carbohydrates at low levels. The strenuous workout of body builders has to be supplemented with more than average quantities of protein. The growth of muscle tissues and its repair are greatly dependent on proteins. Bodybuilding protein intake has to be ascertained for every individual.

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bodybuilding proteinHow much protein

The quantity of bodybuilding protein that is required by the body depends on the body weight of the person and the extent of physical activities. A body builder should consume one gram of protein for every pound of body weight.

Calculating protein requirement

The bodybuilding protein quantity that is required by your body can be calculated on the basis of your body weight.

  • The body weight in pounds has to be converted to kilograms by dividing it by 2.2
  • The weight in kg has to be multiplied by a factor that is to be chosen between 0.8 and 1.8 to give the protein quantity in gram that would be required per day.

For healthy persons, the factor should be on the higher side of the range and vice versa for people not so healthy.

Sources of proteins

Fat free cottage cheese is an excellent source of protein. White poultry meat and canned tuna are also very good. Eggs contain many other nutritional values besides protein and help in the growth of muscles. To avoid fat in eggs, many prefer the yolk only. Protein supplements like bodybuilding protein shakes and bodybuilding protein powder are preferred by body builders to increase the protein intake.

Key bodybuilding protein types

Whey is a popular bodybuilding protein and also casein proteins. But both should be consumed for appropriate quantities.

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