Top Five Causes Of Facial Skin Problems


“ Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects on your face”.

‘Ideal beauty’ face is one of the physical attributes of the human body. In this overpopulated world, it has been estimated that the facial skin problems starts at an early age. Nowadays, perfect skin has become a distance dream for the people, as from the youngsters to the ageing ones all are facing the different types of facial problems. It is one of the most vital thing in one’s life.

Facial skin problems crops up due to the ageing factor, exposure to the elements of the environment and many other severe factors. The sun exposure as you grow older blemishes yours skin appearance. The skin damage is the result of the germs, illness, infections and the ailments. Acne, hyper pigmentation, large pores, rosacea, scars, undereye circles and wrinkles are some of the most common facial flaws amongst the US people.

Being beautiful is a very tough stuff…!!


There is a myriad of facial problems you people suffers from. The top five beauty flaws of face have been enlisted here:



These are the clogged pores that gets infected due to the blockage by oil, bacteria, dirt and dead skin. People who have the oily skin type are very much prone to this dreadful facial flaw as the sebum (oil) sucks the dirt which then blocks the tiny pores and infects them.

Acne (pimples or zit) is not a life-threatening condition but is very painful and develops mostly on the face, neck and back. When the acne becomes visible on the face causes the emotional distress and can impact the self esteem, and may lead to the permanent scarring. Hormonal changes is also one of the pivotal cause for the acne problem.


  1. Nodules – they are beneath the surface of the skin and are the solid, painful lumps.
  2. Cysts – the infections that are established beneath the surface of the skin and inholds the painful pus.
  3. Pustules – they are the red pimples that contains pus in it.
  4. Papules – they are the small red raised bumps that are the result of the infected hair follicles.

This severe condition could be reduced with the effective treatments, medications and the home care that will also minimize the number of pimples from your face.

2. AGEING/ WRINKLES                                                                                                 

    image005As you start ageing, your skin starts loosing its elasticity and stability. There are duo different types of ageing that is internal and external ageing. When ageing is caused by the genes, it is known as the intrinsic (internal) ageing whereas on the other hand when the ageing is caused due to the environmental factors is known s the extrinsic (external) ageing.

Intrinsic ageing is a non-visible continuous natural ageing process that starts in the middle 20s. It is caused within the skin where the production of the collagen slows down. Fine wrinkles is one of the most common sign of intrinsic ageing.

Extrinsic ageing ages your skin prematurely and is caused due to the sun exposure, facial expressions, smoking and the sleeping poses.

The lessening of the collagen produces the fine lines on the face and the body which is often known by the name ‘wrinkles’.

There are several surgical and non surgical treatments to lessen the marks of the fine lines. Surgical treatment includes filler and the botox injections, on the other hand the non surgical methods includes the face yoga in order to tighten the muscles of your face.



Dark circles is a common problem which are the result of the facial ageing with which both the men and the women are severely affected. Smoking, consumption of alcohol, deprived sleep, dehydration and dietary deficiencies leads to the under eye circles.

Do not fret if you are suffering by this problem. This sever flaw could be cured with the treatments like eye cream, injectable fillers, skin resurfacing and pulse light therapy.


Uneven pigmentation is caused due to the sun, ageing, allergies, and the hormonal imbalance. When the amount of melanin shoots up in certain parts of the face or body leads to this facial flaw. Sun exposure is one of the most sever factor of this problem.

You cannot ignore or neglect the sun exposure but you can protect yourself from its harmful and depleting effects by preferring these exclusive precautions:

  • Try to have a healthy and rich diet and make sure it carries the green vegetables more.
  • Avoid smoking as much as you can as it damages your skin.
  • Stay indoor during 10.00am to 3.00 pm.
  • Always cover up your face and neck with a scarf and then a helmet whenever travelling by a two-wheeler.
  • Always use good sunscreen whenever goes out.

Maintaining youthful skin is very much easier than repairing the blemished skin.


It is one of the most common problem that the people suffers from. It is caused due to the unbalanced hormones and could be hereditary too. It is a nuisance that annoys you and causes embarrassment. In women, this problem arises the puberty and appears across the face. Usually, the 18-45 age group people are mostly targeted.

There are several distinct ways to get rid of this problem. The surgical way is the laser hair reduction therapy whereas the non surgical method is the apply the good moisturizer on your face and many more.


Makeup is one of the major factor that have the maximum contribution in both glorifying your beauty and also in ruining it.

Today youngsters are very much dependable upon the cosmetics for seeking the elegant look, but are unaware about its cons. Very dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacturing of cosmetics that depraves your skin and could even lead to skin cancer. The excessive use of makeup also causes the health related problems that includes high blood pressure, allergies, abnormality in your behaviour and many more.

Try to find joy and satisfaction from the ordinary…..!!!

Always use the natural skin cleansers and indulge into the regime of cleaning for the removal of all the particles of chemicals from your face.Always care for yourself and try to stay close to the nature and see the monochrome magic on your face.

Be your own kind of beautiful by keeping yourself healthy, elegant, fit and beautiful.

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