Good Bye Pimples! I Am Now Using Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash

Those were the doomsdays! The most ridiculous time of my life! I shall always never forget those tormented period of my early college life when everything went wrong. And everything went against me! It was when I was in my teens passed the final school exam and joined college.

Everything was new to me! The big building, the ambience and absence of stringent discipline; everything was absolutely pleasing. No bar; no embargo! You can join your classes as you wish! Time was flying like anything and we all had great times.

But as you know, nothing stays permanently, the happy times also ended one day. I do not know how it really happened. But it happened. One fine morning after waking up from sleep I noticed some rash on my cheek. I did not care as I had no time to do so. Already late, I had my breakfast and went to college.

After a day or two (I don’t exactly remember after so many years!) there were pimples all over and it really gave me a shake all over. All my friends were enquiring how did it happen but I could not answer as I really did not know.  First I read all that I could grab on pimples. The large and short of all those stories are the same:  ‘hormonal imbalance’. But that really put me out of my balance.

My appearance has simply changed then. Even sometimes I used to wonder if that was really my face! I got impatient and furious and started visiting doctors, one after another, for getting my lovely cheek back. The doctors prescribed many medicines, and ointments for treating those. But those adamant bunches of pimples were not eager to vanish and ruined my beautiful face.

Getting fade up I thought, pricking and scrubbing would help but those aggravated the condition further. My face became swollen without any sign of getting relief from the pimples. It was so disturbing those days that I started to have heavy makeup to camouflage the pimples. But it was really hard! It was really an embarrassing situation and I started avoiding eye contacts and was afraid of loosing my dates.

I was really becoming physic. When all my treatment and homemade remedies to get rid of those marks failed, I started covering my face with my long hairs and foulards ridiculing every moment of life. Everyone told that me that pimples would go away in twenties. But those monsters on my cheeks did not show any sign to leave me. I started avoiding parties, eating out and every attraction a youth of my age can have, but nothing worked and those itchy nasty zits were making their presence felt as if I would carry them to the grave.

I made myself almost confined to my room, not joining any social gathering and seldom going out except for the college. Every night I used to break into tears and prayed to God either to end those pimples or my life as I could not bear the frustration so long.

During one of those days suddenly an advertisement caught my eye. It was for Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash. The advertisement was simple. It claimed that the soap-free formula enriched with extract of Neem leaves and tea-tree oil can prevent pimples by fighting bacteria and removing the extra oil that attract dirt and worsen the condition.

The advertisement also claimed that the curative power of neem and tea tree oil purifies and cleans pores deep to give pimple free skin and the antibacterial properties also prevent further growth.

I thought it over for the whole day and finally decided to give it a chance.  So I procured a tube of the face wash. It had strong and pleasant fragrance of Neem. As I have combination skin I was at first doubting whether it would work for me.

Since I did not have any other options left, I started using the face wash regularly twice a day once in the morning and again in the evening after returning home from the college. The cool sensation of the face wash was very relaxing and made me feel fresh and rejuvenated.

The face wash rinses off very easily and delivers nicely clean skin. After I used this for a week or so there were signs of improvement as I could not see any other new growth. By the month end there was tangible improvement and within a few months I got back my loving cheek back as it was earlier without any sign that it had suffered from such a great attack of pimples.

The soap free and adequately priced Pure Active Neem face wash helped to clean my face without removing the original moisture content of the skin. It gave me permanent solution to tackle my pimple problem and to have a clearer skin all the time.  I firmly believe it is apt for everyone who wants fight pimples and longing for a clear skin.

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