Glowing presence are not gifted! Be attractive with the beauty tips for teens!

The teens see the world with their eyes in a different form.  The surroundings, the people, and everything appear to be beautiful as has never been before. They enter a new phase of life when each aspect of life has different meaning and to have parity with their new world of perception they love to present them as beautifully as they can. The following beauty tips for teens will help them to achieve their dream beautification.

beauty tips for teens

Skin care tips for teens

Skin can be of four types:  normal, dry, oily, and combined type and therefore the skin care tips teens regime includes different treatments.

Normal skins are most easy to tackle because of the soft texture and very few imperfections. Simply washing the face with a mild cleanser or normal soap and water two to three times a day will suffice to remove the dirt and sweat.

Dry skins are rough, scaly and full of pores. Washing daily with a mild cleanser and using moisturizer will help prevent it from getting further dry. No soaps should also be used during warm baths and the body should be pat dried and mineral oil or non alcoholic lotion is to be used all over.

Oily skins are acne prone and have blackheads and pimples. To keep it clean it should be washed with plain soap and water at least thrice a day. For cleaning at schools cleansing pads that helps to remove oils and dirt form the skin may be used. The pimples should never be popped or squeezed.

The skin tips teens for combined skins that can be excessively dry or oily with cheeks appearing rough suggest washing it 2 to 3 times daily with plain soap and water and the dry areas are to be moisturized.

Hair tips for teens

Dry hairs are generally due to dry scalps and therefore hydrating or moisturizing shampoos are only to be used. Teenagers are fond of using driers to make the hairs straight which can damage the hairs. Reduction of drier usage will help to have healthy hairs. The harsh chemicals, bleaches and peroxides in the dyes can also damage the hairs making those brittle and resulting split ends and as such these should also be avoided and it is better to use natural organic dyes.

Oily hairs need washing with leathering twice. For better results the shampoo should be allowed to stay on the hairs for at least five minutes before washing and application of the conditioner should be done at the end without directly putting it on the scalp. Dry shampoos can also be used for removing oils.

Tangled hairs can be prevented by reducing the use of dyes, relaxers and perms. Never brush out tangles; instead use a wide-toothed comb and the fingers to pick out the tangles at the end of the hairs without pulling those.

Do not struggle for luscious locks. Hairs should not also be made over tight for braiding. This may result excessive pressure to the roots of the hairs and the skin as well. Use only natural oils and not multiple chemicals.

Fashion tips for teens

The main thing that fashion tips teens routine includes is creating a personal style. Teen years are the times to let the true colors shine! The first thing one should understand is what looks best and the style the complements the features must be chosen. The next step is to have skin cares that fit best.

Besides trendy apparels, there should be accessories like a terrific belt, a beaded bracelet or a befitting necklace, that combines the contemporary with the traditional, for imparting a great appearance.

It is also great to wear hats or other head accessories like bandanas or head bands. Fashionable foulards when used also impart a great style and as no fashionable dress is complete till it takes care from head to the toe on must also slip on a nice pair of shoes or colorful flats to have a nice touch.

Complimentary hair styles also play a vital role and as such one should decide what goes best with the dress. Anything form a pony tail or any other hair styles may be done to discover new looks.

As the personal style becomes one’s signature, one must have make up those suits the skin tone. It is better to experiment and decide the styles that highlight the personal features.

Makeup tips for teens

Teens are very fond of makeup but they seldom know to do this perfectly! The makeup tips teens give detailed process of doing make ups

The hands and the face should be washed with antibacterial soap to make it perfectly clean before applying makeup. Next a good cleanser should be used to clean the face. It is also good to apply sunscreen if there are problems of hyper-pigmentation and moisturizer.

Next apply concealer that is slightly lighter than the tone of the skin with a brush and it should be dabbed with the middle finger for best results. Mineral makeup or silicone based primer for oily skins can also be applied.

The eyebrows have also to be combed for making them appear fuller and then use eye shadow with a brush and apply blush on the cheeks.

Eye lashes can also be curled using an eye lash curler if desired. First the balms and next the lip gloss should be applied on the lips. It is better not to use lip sticks since if there is a mistake it becomes very hard to remove.

To give a finishing touch to the makeup dab if there is any excess with a soft tissue paper and always remember that the less the makeup the more you are attractive!

Fitness tips for teens

Whatever free beauty samples teens products one may use for presenting, if the body is not fit everything goes in vain. Many great changes happen during the teens and therefore doing the right exercise and good eating habits can only pave the way for a healthy journey. The following tips will help teenagers to be  fit and trim.

  • No chest press or chest exercises should be done every day to avoid over developed chest muscles.
  • Exercise should be done for the whole body, i.e. the upper and the lower halves as well and the teens must learn to have muscle balance all over the body and engage in plyometric exercises.
  • Focus on breathing must also be given for enhancing fitness. Practicing to breathe out on the exertion part is to be done as reversing the process may lead to serious consequences like nausea or fainting.
  • Unless the teenagers are engaged in body contact games like football, then they should follow the 90˚ rule. Whatever exercise they do, they should not go beyond 90˚ to be safe and free from injuries.
  • The teens should not go super heavy. Only when they are close to 18 years over load principles may be applied.
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