Get Rid of Premature Eye Wrinkles

As your age increases, changes in skin are natural. The most easily identified and always bothering one is eye wrinkles, as it cannot be hidden from anyone and eyes are the first body part that gets noticed by anyone. In the current busy world, many started complaining about eye wrinkles just after the age of 20 years. The cause behind the wrinkles formation and proper remedy for them are explained below.

Root cause behind Eye Wrinkles – Acetylcholine and Degradation of Collagen

Acetylcholine- The real Culprit of Wrinkles:
It is very evident that the skin around the eye is very sensitive and delicate compared with the rest of the skin present on body. Eye wrinkles generally form due to the contraction and the release of muscles around the eye. The skin movement takes place when the brain sends a signal to nerve cells to release acetylcholine for muscles, which in turn make an eye emotional and facilitates muscle movement around it. The more the Acetylcholine flows, the more contraction of muscle happens. This will result in beginning of eye wrinkles and makes the person look older than the actual age.

Collagen is stored in dermis, the middle layer of skin and it shifts to epidermis, elastic fibers in the visible skin. It enriches the epidermis elasticity. The collagen content reduces as age increases and this degrades the skin elasticity and creates eye wrinkles. More emotional expressions on the face like laugh, cry, smile etc., increase muscle movements, decrease collagen and they result eye wrinkles.

UV rays:
Exposure of UV rays to the skin for a long time enables the UV rays to penetrate into skin layers and dries out the moist from skin and degrades the normal work of skin layers. These sags the skin with lining pattern around the eyes resulting in early appearance of wrinkles.

Regular facials and massages over the skin increase the blood circulation in skin muscles. This initially enriches the glow, but flexibility in the skin will be lost in long run and set of crinkles are formed. And this effect will be more on eyes as it is the most sensitive part.

Squinting Smoke:
Smoking is also causes for eye wrinkles. Smoke squinting from cigarettes dry out the skin and leads to the premature lining bags around eyes.

Treatments for decreasing Eye Wrinkles

Though there are several reasons and causes for the eye wrinkles, lining bags around eye. There are remedies and preventions which control these to maximum extent. You can counter each of the cause with a remedy.

Usage of sunscreens around skin avoids the UV rays induction or at least decreases its impact on the skin to the minimum and ensures the hydration and improves the moist level in the eyes. With this, damage in epidermis part can be reduced to a great extent. Sun glasses can be used to protect direct contact of eyes with Sun rays, thereby reducing the impact of UV rays.

Retin-A Cream:
Retin-A cream improves the production of Collagens and the muscle flexibility and reduces the wrinkle generation. This option can be weighed based on the dermatologist suggestions.

Vitamins Supplement:
The lack of Vitamin A and E also causes skin damages. Consumption of food containing high amount of Vitamin A and E reduces skin problems, enriches the glow and also avoids the wrinkles. Cod liver oil of fish is the best source for Vitamin A.

Healthy sleep with proper posture [sleeping on backside] avoids irritating skin unconsciously. Sound sleep is the most simple and vital one, as it relaxes the eye, eye muscle and improves blood circulation. In addition, it will not have any side effects.
All the above remedies reduce acetylcholine in body muscles and avoid eye wrinkles at young age.

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